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Body Knows Best
Klaus Mikaelson is a Wall Street highflier and an unapologetic hedonist. Caroline Forbes is a personal assistant with zero patience for his type. But when he accidentally costs Caroline her job, he offers her a solution. Work for him instead.

She belonged to him, she was his possession, his wife, but how could she feel drawn to the man she should hate? He knows that if he lets her in she would become his greatest weakness but she has awakened his heart. An arranged marriage between two rival mafia families is just the beginning. AU/AH

Rescue Me
Caroline Forbes is returning to Mystic Falls for the first time in 5 years. She had only one task: stay long enough for her best friend, Stefan's wedding and then get out of dodge. But whether it comes in the form of jealous ex's, meddling siblings, or the handsome mysterious brother of the bride-to-be, she's realizing that some plans don't always go according to plan. AU/AH

Darkness Becomes Her
(Dramatic Melody)
"It seems you will have to learn the hard way that you cannot escape me, angel." Klaus snarled in frustration, digging his claws into Caroline's hips. The torn flesh was left with no time to heal as he mutilated the skin and the scent of her sweet blood clung to the air. /abuse, mentions of non-con, dub-con

The Lines That Lie Between
Caroline Forbes was born and bred to serve the Originals, but when she is placed in Klaus' service will things go as planned? AU. Klaroline.

Lovers At Sea
Human AU/ Caroline Forbes finds the normal married life boring. However she is betrothed to a man far away from home. Set on a ship she sails towards her future husband unwillingly. Niklaus Mikaelson is a Gentleman pursued by many women. With a dark secret he has eyes on a certain already-spoken-for lady. He will have her. After all, what a pirate wants is what a pirate shall have.

Rating: ?/5
The King Of Hearts and The Queen of Spades
AU, royalty fic set in the 1910 to 20's, based on my tumblr drabble series: When Caroline meets Klaus for the first time, her Uncle told her she had to bow and call him Prince Niklaus. Being only eight, she didn't know how important that was to court. And as she grew older, she realized that she didn't care about what was important to court. All that mattered was her friend, Nik.

Rating: ?/5
Sweet Nightmares
"Sweet dreams sweetheart"...was the last thing she heard before darkness consumed her. And now she is in his mercy, her dreams and her nightmares belong to him. A dark story of passion and revenge unfolds in the dream world. Klaroline. AU from 3x21.

Light The Way
AU. "I may have bought your body and power, Caroline Forbes. Your affections, however, I have every intention of earning." Klaroline.

The Devil in White
She knows she'll always be safe with Klaus.

Guardian Angel
Caroline Forbes has one of the best jobs in heaven, the job of a guardian angel. She also happens to be the most rebellious angel in heaven. Desperate to keep her status up, she volunteers to be the guardian angel of the very dangerous Niklaus Mikaelson. It is with this new job that Caroline discovers that there's a whole world of new danger she knew nothing about.

My Love is Vengeance
Caroline leaves Mystic Falls after the council realizes what she really is. She's trying to mend her broken heart over Tyler's death when Klaus unexpectedly shows up to sweep her off her feet. Caroline refuses to believe that his intentions are innocent, but, very much to her dismay, she realizes that the Original Hybrid had gotten under her skin. Placed after 3X22.

AU/AH: Caroline is an inpatient at Mystic Falls Psychiatric Hospital. Klaus is one of the male nurse practitioners there and finds himself growing dangerously close to her...

The more they fought to stay away from each other the more they seemed unable to be apart. Pure gravity seemed to always pull them back together. And this would forever be their greatest weakness. Au meme.

Tides of Conspiracy
As a notorious pirate, when Klaus makes a deal he expects the payout, aka Caroline. Only with ruses abound and a web of lies, things take a turn for the dramatic, and even Kol finds himself the target of deceit, thanks to his brothel, while Rebekah makes more mistakes with her heart and Elijah is left to clean up their messes. Klaroline; Kennett; Others; AU Pirate.

Sanguis Donum
Chosen at the age of 15 by Lord Niklaus to satisfy her homeland's pact with the Original Hybrid, Caroline is groomed for the role of Sanguis Donum or his blood concubine. While he may own her body and blood, she will make sure he never has her soul. Very AU and dark.

Paradise for the Lost
AU. Elena goes hysterical, Caroline stays bright and optimistic, Klaus lurks in the darkness with his trident while Kol is leading a normal life in Los Angeles. Stopping Apocalypse from happening has never seemed so difficult.

AU/AH When new actress Caroline Forbes lands the lead female role in the new movie Ghostly Echoes alongside Klaus Mikaelson, she's almost sure she's died and gone to heaven. Caroline wasn't prepared for Klaus to be so much more attractive in person and she definitely wasn't prepared for him to be such an asshole. Little does Caroline know, the rise to fame can be dangerous.

Hold Onto Me
AU/AH Caroline has loved Nik since she was a little girl. Now she is with Kol, leaving Nik to regret the decision he had to make years ago. He is finally ready to fix his mistake but is it too late? Klaroline with hints of Koroline

Til Kingdom Come
AU/AH Sometimes life gives us clues to the future that we hold. Sometimes that future is not what we have planned, but it turns out being so much better. Klaus and Caroline, two neighbors with two separate lives, both in need of redemption. Whilst he hides his growing feelings for her, she denies hers in an effort to save her engagement to another man.

All's Fair
Prequel to In Love and War. He could swear that at that moment when Ares had caught Athena in midair, the Fates themselves held their breath. This was the pivotal moment when everything changes and the dominos began to fall. Klaroline, TVD Greek Gods AU.

The Only Hope for Me is You
Niklaus Mikaelson is a single father but is also a business man who needs to take care of the kids for him while he is at work. When their current nanny retires, he finds himself needing a replacement. When Stefan offers a solution, Klaus agrees to interview Caroline Forbes

Run, You Wicked Souls
Klaus makes yet another kill. Angry, the witches strip Klaus and Caroline of their vampire powers, as punishment. Needless to say, this kill triggers a series of unpleasant and dangerous events, forcing Caroline and Klaus to flee Mystic Falls. With no powers and a promise of a tortured eternity, they run. How will they cope, when they have no choice but to trust each other?

Can't Fight It
After vowing to herself that she wouldn't let boys become a distraction in her senior year, Caroline meets someone who changes her mind. And he happens to be her teacher. AU/AH.

We're Only Human
What happens when Esther is successful in turning the Original vampires and, unexpectedly, every vampire human? This sudden change affects all of the local vampires more than anyone could have ever imagined as they give in to unwanted desires and delve deep into their new found humanity. The story begins at 3x15 (Mostly Klaus/Caroline/Stefan, other ships are explored as well).

The Governance of Time
A non-linear retelling of Klaus and Caroline's interactions with one another in the years before she finally comes to him. M for later chapters.

"Aren't you supposed to be fixing me or something?" "Why," she asked, leaning forward, elbows against her desk. "Do you think something is wrong with you?" When Klaus Mikaelson finds out that his dead wife was cheating on him, he lets his life fall apart. It's only when he's forced into therapy that he learns how to put it back together.

The Flesh Diaries
"If we don't stick together, then neither of us is going to make it!" she yells, and it's the thought of being swarmed in an alleyway that makes her chest rattle. He spins around on his heel and draws her face closer, his gaze as menacing and strong like earlier. She trembles in her Chucks. "Neither of us?" he asks. "Sweetheart, if you stick with me, you'll be the bait."

A Breeze of Hope
AU/AH Caroline is caught in a sour relationship when Klaus unexpectedly shows up in her life again. She doesn't want to think about him, or what tore them apart years ago. However her desperate need for company directs her towards him repeatedly as she finds comfort, hope and a promise of a new beginning in his blue eyes and dimpled-smile.

Taking a Chance
"The Holiday" Klaroline style: Caroline and Rebekah are 2 miserable single girls down on luck with love who home exchange for the holidays... Both end up getting more than than just a little holiday spirit... AU: Klaroline & Mabekah

Meant To Be
AU- Caroline moves to a new village with the family that will soon begin the most frightening race known as vampires. She can't help the growing attraction to Niklaus who happens to be in a deadly love triangle. As secret plans unfold will Caroline survive living with the family that could easily destroy her?

The Battle of Blood: An Originals Spin-off
They say blood is thicker then water, but what happens when blood goes farther then you think? The Battle of Blood is a retelling of the classic war against vampires and werewolves, the one started in a flare of jealousy and will end, one way or another, with hybrids. Features Klaroline, Kennett, Elijatia, Sinn & many others. AU. TVD x TW.

Cowboys and Indians
(The Deej)
Klaus and Caroline are childhood friends, but circumstances in Klaus' young life turn him and his family to a life of crime causing them to become the most feared Outlaws in the West. However, the years haven't caused Klaus to forget Caroline or caused Caroline to forget the boy she's always loved, not matter how ruthless he's become. Rated M for language and sexual situations.

The Mikaelson family had a saying. "Love beyond family is the greatest weakness. We do not feel and we do not care." It was a code he lived by. So why did he save the girl? Klaus / Caroline.

The One That Got Away
AU: "Let's make a promise, Caroline. We'll tell them what we feel. And in ten years time, when we come back here for our High School reunion… we'll have them on our arms." That was the promise. A promise Caroline regretted breaking for ten years. Until a chance encounter sparks of a whole whirlwind romance in which she could never have imagined. -Klaroline- R&R?

So Long, Lonesome
'These are the moments she will always remember. Her childhood. Her friends. Memories strife with mischief and foolery, even amidst the werewolf crisis; carefree times.' Caroline forms a tight-knit bond with a family that will one day become the Original vampires, none the wiser to the centuries of sorrow that lay ahead for them...

Times Journey
after 3x15. Ester wanted to fix the mistake she had made centuries ago. She just needed to get rid of Niklaus long enough to do it. So she decides to cast a spell to send him into the past unfortunately, he wasn't alone when she did. Now Caroline is stuck here with him her enemy. The guy who has tried to kill her twice. Will she learn to trust him or will it all go horribly wrong?

Everybody Talks
"Ok you know how it's kind of an urban legend that celebrities will fake date each other for publicity reasons? Well my publicist wants me to fake date someone," Elena admitted, "in fact she's already agreed to it so I have no choice." "Who does she want you to fake date?" Caroline asked. "Niklaus Mikaelson." AU/AH fic

Royal Disposition
In order to end the long feud between the five families of England, King Fell convinces peasant Caroline Forbes to become a princess. She is then sent off to marry Prince Kol Mikaelson as a peace offering between the two kingdoms. Caroline, trying to keep up her royal appearance, despite her non-royal blood, finds herself falling for Kol's older brother, Klaus Mikaelson.

Something Good Can Work
A Klaroline AU/AH - Caroline Forbes has finally got her life in a good place. After a graduation trip with best friends Stefan Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett to Hawaii, Caroline realized that Mystic Falls wasn't it for her anymore and decided to stay. Now, five years later just as her life is finally seeming to be normal, enter a new love who could potentially change it all.

Hollywood Living
Caroline is a personal assistant. Klaus is a big time actor who happens to be dating the hottest supermodel around. Caroline is quiet, Klaus is infuriating, and for some reason, he keeps bringing her out of her shell. Just not in the best way. AU/AH.

Lifes Detour
AU/AH Her boyfriend had there whole lives mapped out for them. Problem was she wasn't sure if she wanted it or not. What happens when she meets her best friends brother who she shares a heated past with? Will she continue her predictable life or will she take a detour?

Some Nights
When a one night stand turns into a two night stands that turns into a full blown arrangement, Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson find themselves ingrained in each other's lives - unwilling to commit but unable to let go. AU/AH

Legal Affairs
AU Klaroline where they're lawyers. Mikael & Sons has been towering over New York for as long as anyone can remember, with Salvatore & Saltzman slowly creeping up in its shadow. Now, with everything on the line for this one case everything could change. Will Niklaus Mikaelson fulfill his title of the city's best closer, or will Caroline Forbes be his downfall?

The Cold Trail
Klaus Mikaelson an accomplished FBI Agent shoulders his way into Detective Katherine Pierce's investigation into the missing/Kidnapped girl – Caroline Forbes. Slowly secrets come to light revealing Klaus's obsession to find the missing girl. Faced yet again with his old enemy will he come out victorious this time or lose the girl yet again. AU/AH, humanverse.

AUAH. Caroline Forbes is not a hero. Not even close. She's just a simple journalist. That's it. End of story. Except, when you have the power of invisibility, it's kind of hard to resist playing the hero. And then there is Niklaus Mikaelson, the devilishly handsome enigma of a man who she isn't quite sure is on her side. But damn, he looks good in a suit. Klaroline.

The girls come up with a plan to send Caroline back in time to kill Klaus before he ever arrives in Mystic Falls. But it turns out their plan won't be as simple as they thought. Especially when Caroline gets stuck in the past & only has Klaus to rely on.

A/U Niklaus is a professional hitman waiting for the right moment to finally confront his father. Caroline is the girlfriend of a dangerous druglord whose partners are sick of his underhanded schemes. He never expected for her to be more than part of the job.

Klaus is a hero of war who has trouble dealing with the memories his service has left. Caroline lives in the apartment below his, wondering where all the shouting is coming from, and why. Will the little blonde be the answer to stopping all the nightmares of the former soldier? AU/AH.

Dog Days
Bonnie trys to save everyone by having Klaus put in someone elses body. However the spell goes terribly wrong and Klaus ends up in the body of a dog. Based loosely after Episode 22 of Season 3

An Old Mistress
Caroline and the Originals are living happily in New York. But will the happiness last?

A witch bound Klaus to Caroline in hopes that love might change him. The spell has some unwanted side affects for Caroline, like the telepathic connection between the two that has him visiting her every night in her dreams.

Safe House
(Ianthe Brennan)
AU/HUMANVERSE On the run, the Mikaelson's need a place to lay low while Klaus recovers from their latest heist. Fortunately for them, Caroline Forbes has the house to herself for the weekend.

Bloodsucking Angel
(peaceful village)
Once Klaus is unleashed from his box a blond girl appears and knocks him off his feet, literally. Who is she and why is she so important to him?

The Ship of Dreams
Titanic AU/AH. Need I say more?

Breath of Life
AU/AH, all human. Main pairings - Klaroline and Kalijah. It began with an arranged marriage proposal. When she looked back on how it all began she had never imagined she would reach here one day. But Caroline Forbes was thankful for all the pain and joy of her journey because it took her exactly where she wanted to be.

The Perfect Unplanned
Caroline wakes up & finds herself in a car next to Klaus.She becomes tangled into his dangerous world of scheming & double crossing as he enlists her in his latest plot. But as they spend more time together, things start to unfold in a way no one planned.

With or Without You
Caroline isn't exactly thrilled when she wakes up on a plane half way to Italy with Klaus. Despite her anger, she decides to make the best of it. How often is she in Italy after all? Back in Mystic Falls the race for the cure is on, but at what cost?

An Unexpected Family
Caroline had always wanted to teach but she never imagined it would be the father of one of her students giving her the biggest trouble. Nik was a single father who had no clue how to connect with his five year old son so he threw himself further into his work. Will Caroline be able to show him all he's been missing or will his x coming back to town ruin it for him?

Bound To You
Trying to find out which Original the gangs bloodline leads to, Bonnie produces a spell that sends Caroline into the past; learning more about Klaus and uncovering secrets she never expected, Caroline begins to realize that nothing is merely coincidence.

Darkest before the Dawn
AU. His tongue traced her bottom lip- teasing at first, and then seeking access into her mouth. Set in the 20s, Klaus led a life of debauchery and mayhem, until he met a singer who just might leave an impact on him. Klaroline!

Punishment for Betrayal
Set after 3x15. Caroline goes to save Elena after Klaus takes her, willing to sacrifice her life for her friend's. But he doesn't take her earlier betrayal lightly. "Love, I'll have you screaming before the day is out." Dark!smut warning.

Only In a Dream
Originally, this was a one shot. Caroline is approached by Damon with a plan to kill Klaus and she must choose between her friends and her growing feelings for Klaus. Her choice sends her on a trip to Russia with Klaus and she sees there is more to him than she ever thought possible. Their growing love results in concequences neither one of them expected.

And We Shall Dance Across The Snow
'Caroline let her own eyes scan over him, her mouth dry at the sight of Klaus before her. Death coated him in all of its harrowing glory.' (Originally a one-shot response to 4x09, now in the process of being a full fanfic)

Null and Void
Caroline Forbes (soon-to-be-Lockwood) is one of the best divorce attorneys in Chicago. She tears unfaithful husbands to pieces, ready to fight for her friend, a rising star Katherine Pierce who wants to divorce Damon Salvatore, a famous photographer. Little does she know that Damon hired a ruthless and successful lawyer Klaus Mikaelson. A divorce may be the least of their problems.

the guilty ones
(grim grace)
An AU klaroline multific, wherein Caroline meets Klaus and falls for him, not knowing that he is, in fact, Klaus. No longer M because of site regulations.

Falling Away With You
(Summer May)
A story about a young American girl who travels through Europe where she meets a son of a true English lord.

hello again, friend of a friend
(but seriously)
In which Klaus is unrelenting, Kol is exasperated, and Caroline is stuck in the middle of all of it. kol/caroline, klaus/caroline. three-shot. no, really.

AU/AH. Keeping secrets are hard and raising a child by herself has always been a new challenge for Caroline. What happens when she meets a a certain man who changes her life forever? Will it be for the good or for the bad? And can he handle Caroline's lifestyle? Rated M for a lot of smut and some strong language.

(but seriously)
"Do you remember what I told you, the night of the ball? The world's going to need some of that light after I'm done with him." Klaus looks up at the setting sun and with one breath, blows it out. klaroline, forwood, some delena, dcs-brotp. FOR DJ.

Wild Ones
A Klaroline Human AU in which Klaus is a Prince and finds Caroline washed up on the shores of his Kingdom with no memory of who she is or how she got there.

The Seven Seas
AU. Human. Niklaus Mikaelson, most bloodthirsty pirate of the seven seas. Caroline, the daughter to the Captain of an army ship. She challenges him, defies him and he wonders why he keeps her around. Then he looks at her and he knows why, because she is his and she makes him better. Then why does he hurt her? Why does he continually break her? KlausxCaroline

Long December
(Sophisticated Fangirling)
A series of tragic events lead to Caroline turning her humanity off. multichapter Warnings: Major character death, graphic depictions of violence, very dark!, updated weekly on wednesday

In the Memories of the Smoke
AU: During World War II, Klaus is an empty pilot and Caroline is a nurse lost in a search for her brother. Their lives intertwine and unexpectedly changing their whole worlds.

only red flames live here now
A royal elopement brings a thousand Greek warships seeking to conquer the Trojan shores. As the battle of gods and men wage on, a prince of Sparta finds himself wanting to ravage not only the city of Troy but a certain fair-haired maiden as well. Trojan War AU, not strictly compliant to Iliad.

Paradise Circus
Klaus takes Caroline on a trip, but he's the one to see the world.

Lilac Wine
(LunaLight and StarFire Cast)
Summary: Caroline dies and Klaus goes through a deep depression and eventually contemplates suicide. Set in Human!Verse. Five-Shot. Warning: I strongly suggest only 18 and older to read.

Tale As Old As Time
When the Original witch realizes what an abomination Klaus has become, she casts a spell that prohibits him and his siblings from venturing too far from their estate. The curse can only be broken if he learns to love, and is loved in return. But who could ever learn to love this hybrid? Based on Beauty and the Beast.

put down your sword and crown
(but seriously)
The Originals have thirty days left to live, and all Rebekah wants to do is learn how to drive. Stefan, Kol, Klaus and Caroline come along for the ride. klaus/caroline, stefan/rebekah, elena/elijah & ensemble cast

Elijah has a plan to send Caroline back in time to change Klaus' fate. His plan did not include Kol trying to seduce her as well as as his own past self trying to get rid of her. Will the original family embrace her or end her life before Klaus learns what she means to him. Klaroline.

Truth Beyond Legend
Sometimes the truth is far more interesting.

Everything I Planned
Living paycheck to paycheck is never what Caroline had planned for her future, but when her previous relationship went sour, she had no choice but to run. Now she's living in a ratty apartment with a three year old working at a coffee shop, but maybe her luck is about to change when she meets charming Klaus, a world-renowned heart surgeon who just might flip hers upside down.

Best of Me
Set in Chicago, Caroline Forbes just ended her long term relationship with Tyler Lockwood when she found him cheating on her. With no job, no skills and no place to live her best friend Bonnie and Elena hire her as a new girl for the high class escort agency they own. Caroline and Klaus meet when she is booked to be his date for an evening. Klaus is a rich lawyer, who has no inclination to enter into any kind of relationship, except for the kind he can pay for and control. After spending an evening together, Klaus proposes a deal that Caroline finds she is unable to refuse.

Birds, Bees and Other Beasts
A humorous look inside Caroline's head as she tries not to fall for Klaus's charms. And fails miserably.

Klaus spends his days as a tattoo artist and his nights as a slave to the nameless, faceless beauty who consumes his dreams. Will he understand his connection to the mysterious blonde who shows up at his shop, and will her secrets threaten to undo him?

Your Ex Lover Is Dead
Klaus looks at her mildly amused and extends a hand, a smile on his face. "Yes, I think we've met before." Caroline hesitates before forfeiting her hand. Klaus brings it to his lips, planting a gentle kiss. Oneshot.

You mark my words
"Perhaps one day, in a year or even in a century, you'll turn up at my door and let me show you what the world has to offer. You mark my words. Small-town boy, small-town life, it won't be enough for you" Klaus had told her the night before leaving. Now after all these years Caroline decides to come searching for him and the promise of his love. One shot.

Accepting the truth
(Sad Olive)
Three months after Klaus was put into Tyler's body, Caroline finds out the truth. Now in his true form, Klaus confronts Caroline about her feelings for him. Oneshot.

The Missing Scene: We All Go A Little Mad [0406]
Caroline needs Klaus to sacrifice one of his hybrids to save Elena, and Klaus is determined to broker a date out of the deal. Based on the show's portrayal of the characters. One-shot.

Little Red Riding Hood
AU-One Shot Little Red Riding Hood I don't think little big girls should Go walking in these spooky old woods alone.

He is eternally 25. She is eternally 23. Theirs is a story centuries old but their love always remains young. AU/Oneshot

This is Not a Fairytale
(tenshi noyo Ryu Taiga)
This is not a fairytale, but it is a love story. Written for Lynzie914 at the Team Barbie Comment Ficathon with the prompt "I want people to tell their children terrifying stories about the things we did for love." The best love stories are really bloody tragedies. 4x01 spoilers. One shot.

Klaus reaction to an accident turning Caroline back human. Oneshot.

"If I really wanted, Caroline, I could have you – willing or not. Do you ever think about that?" [oneshot]

But I Surrender Love
'Alaric smiles at her, and his smile sends chills up her spine. It's the sort of smile that just does not look natural on his face. Alaric never smiles like that.' In the brief time spent "borrowing" Alaric Saltzman's body, Klaus gathers intel from an unlikely source: Caroline. And then the obsession begins. Oneshot.

The Path
Caroline had always been told that monsters lay beyond the Path. Demons and beasts lay in wait to gobble her up. But it wasn't until she met one, the worst monster of them all, that Caroline realized just how dangerous the forest beyond the Path could be. A retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. AU a little bit of Klaroline

Learning Curve
Klaus always plays the long game and he always wins. dark. one-shot

Klaus tells himself he doesn't regret it. Twoshot.

Tracing Poems On Your Body
By virtue of some sensual E.E. Cummings, Caroline realizes that while she may be familiar with courtship, she has never been properly seduced. Klaroline, erotic poetry, oneshot.

Let's Make It Happen
AU/AH. Caroline Forbes is a high school student and she's oblivious to the feelings of her best friend Stefan Salvatore. When she meets the cocky transferee Niklaus Mikaelson, she soon realizes that she has to make a choice between her best friend and her mortal enemy. Will she end up sabotaging her friendship or can she make this happen? Stefaroline

Until The End Of Time
Mystic Falls is a lonely village destined to be plagued by a dangerous wolf. Caroline Forbes not only is forced to mourn a death but also decide; Does she marry the man she is promised to or the one she truly loves. The identity of the wolf is a secret that won't be kept for long in a town that is cursed forever. Based on The Red Riding Hood; AU/AH Hints of dark!wolf

Life's Unexpected Surprise
A spell gone wrong, a cheating boyfriend, and a one night stand that changes everything. Can they over come their differences and find happiness together as a family, or will the threats that lie beneath the surface destroy everything? Follows the show through 4x08 than AU.

An Unlikely Match
Caroline’s first year as a resident hadn’t been what she expected at all. Her mother died and nearly killed her in the process, all while she found out her boyfriend had a wife. Although her best friends helped her, it was the person she expected the least who saved her, the mysterious, dark, troubled, callous, womanizer, Dr. Klaus Mikaelson. Ensemble story, multiple couples. AH.

We're One Of A Kind
What if Caroline moved away with her dad when her parents got divorced? When she moves back into town, how does her arrival changes everything? She is not human and everyone (Salvatores, Originals and her friends and family) knows that. She also knows about the supernaturals in Mystic Falls and all of their secrets. What happens when they find out hers? Set after 3x22.

The Vixens and The Vamps
Klaus Mikaelson, wealthy vagabond and artist extraordinaire, comes home for an unexpected wedding in the seemingly quiet town of Mystic Falls. A town with old money and secrets, and where the young and beautiful come to play. Everyone has something to hide in this dramatic, tawdry, indecent, shocking and slap-happy tale. By liar.faker and The Deej.

The Devil In Me
Klaroline set in Regency era. It's 1809, the beginning of the season in London, the wealthy Pierce sisters, with their companion, Caroline Forbes, arrive from Virginia. Entering the aristocratic world of the ton, they soon meet a particular family, among them, the infamous, troubled playboy Niklaus. AU and Dark, includes most of cast with content rating up to M in later chapters.

Puzzle Pieces Of Us
"Don't forget me, okay?" She hadn't realize how those last few words, spoken in jest, would become a cruel and unusual punishment. Klaus/Caroline. AU. Oneshot.

New Girl
Seven Oaks, an exclusive boarding school where beautiful rich kids don't let the rules get in the way of having fun. Caroline Forbes is thrown into this world of gossip and lies and hot guys like the sexy and mysterious Klaus Mikaelson, who has definitely caught her eye. But her gorgeous, stylish roommates, Bonnie and Katherine, aren't just going to let the new girl take over...

The feverish heat of summer beckons the yearly festivities in honor of Zeus. Amidst the vibrant revelry, the sun-god is enamored by the ethereal vision of a mortal and enraged when she denies him. But gods are never refused, and he vows to make her succumb to him even if he has to sear her flesh to do it. Dark Greek Myth AU.

Poisonous Desires
What starts out as a complicated relationship quickly takes a turn for the worse when someone finds out about the secret relationship between student and professor. Someone is doing their best to make sure the relationship ends in the most painful way possible. Caroline and Klaus have to battle betrayal, blackmail and blood and there's no saying if they'll make it out alive.

Uncharted Territory
(Wreckless Righter)
Plunging yourself into the unknown is no easy feat. Plunging yourself into the unknown with a hybrid serial killer is even harder. But Caroline's made her bed, now she has to sleep in it. Although, maybe not alone. How long can she fight her lust until she gives in to love? After all, they say lust is the deadliest of all sins...

The Princess Barbie
Klaus is a fugitive, hiding in the Lockwood Kingdom to escape from his father, the king of the Mikaelson Kingdom. His plans for overthrowing the thrown are put to a halt when he meets the beautiful Caroline Forbes, and falls deeply in love with her. *loosely based on The Princess Bride-especially the first chapter-*

Revenge is a Confession of Pain
Klaus will have his Revenge on them all. This is dark and even though it will and Klaroline... if you want fluffly duff wait till I ve posted the epilogue.

A Game of Conscience
(Wreckless Righter)
You know that saying about how the forbidden fruit is always sweeter? Or how about, two is better than one? Well, Caroline Forbes knows these both to be true. Right now, she's got the best of both worlds. But it's only a matter of time before it catches up to her and bites her in the ass. Especially since they're both hybrids...

Lost in a Memory
If love was a vampire's greatest weakness, Caroline was his. He may have taken away her memories, but no amount of alcohol could take away his. AU - told in 1920 and current day. Posting from Tumblr.

The Canterville Ghost
AU. After the death of her grandmother, Caroline and Liz move to her family's estate in England where she starts to suspect there is something strange about the house, not to mention their handsome neighbor and his family. Klaroline. Rated M for later chapters.

Seven Dates
(Lovely Vero)
Caroline makes a proposition to Klaus, she will be with him if...And only if...He is freeing Tyler of his sire bond over him! Caroline & Klaus / Matt & Rebekah - Romance, humor, adventure - rated M.

In the Midst of War
In 1944, Caroline Forbes joins the American Army Nurse Corps right in the climax of World War II. She thought she was going out to war to help the wounded but when she meets a man, a soldier named Niklaus Mikaelson she learns that the danger out there is far worse than it seems.

(Lady Pen 7)
AU. He follows her, he studies her, and he desires her. Caroline Forbes discovers that a new patient wants more than what her therapy sessions can offer him. He is after her. And she must find how to fight her greatest temptation and danger.

Just an Experiment
I wanted Klaus to interact with Caroline while he was at the top of his psychoticness and I think the episode where Klaus trapped them all in the school -The Reckoning- and sired Tyler would be the perfect chance for that. Now things will change.

with a broken smile
AU, in which she refuses to surrender. / "You can't fight it, Caroline," he says. "I have spent over a century tearing this world apart to find you. To be honest, love, I can't say I'm not disappointed; I expected you to put up more of a fight. But the fun is over. I've found you. It's time to face reality." / edited; changed rating

Caroline is a hit-women for hire. She's a mercenary, a thief and an expert in the Supernatural. She's hired by Stefan Salvatore to take out Klaus. She was hired to kill an original vampire, she wasn't hired to fall in love with him. AU: Klaroline

Lead Us Into Temptation
(Anastasia Dreams)
A glimpse of the past bleeds into the present and Klaus remembers everything. A tale of seduction, a past life and a witch's curse. Klaroline. AU from 3x15 with touches from current episodes.

for here live none but the sly
(flesh and bone telephone)
"I imagine you think yourself quite the clever one." — The woods aren't safe to dream about anymore.

Wake Unto Me
(Anastasia Dreams)
Unwilling to satisfy Caroline's sexual frustration while he is trapped in Tyler's body, Klaus uses a dream to give her the release she desires. Takes place after the season 3 finale.

love is like a sin, my love
(but seriously)
"Miss Forbes," he says, his voice lilting in amusement, "are you trying to compel me?" / Or, Klaus' kleptomania gets the better of him at the Mikaelson ball. Rated M for reasons yo

Lucky Ones
It took one chance meeting for Caroline Forbes to become friends with Rebekah Mikaelson, one smart comment to become infuriatingly attracted to Rebekah's brother Klaus, one mistaken identity for Stefan to fall for Rebekah, and two lonely hearts for Caroline and Klaus to become inseparable. Will they survive the bond they all created or will enemies from the past destroy them?

Where have you been?
(Ethereal Prey)
AH/AU Takes place in NYC. Caroline works for a crazed fashion designer, Niklaus is a fireman, and somehow in this crazy city they find each other.

A World Waiting For You
Klaus Mikaelson was the most famous publisher in New York, owner of a newspaper and three magazines. Caroline Forbes, on the other hand, was the ordinary girl next door, struggling with two jobs to make ends meet. When the infatuation begins will they experience that epic love story or will they just destroy each other? AU-All human *rating will change later*

Caroline was just a normal girl, until she caught the attention of the seductive God of the Underworld. Now he desires her as his Queen, and Caroline is dragged into a world she never thought existed. AU version of Hades and Persephone Myth.

Hungry Like the Wolf
As if dealing with Klaus courting her wasn't bad enough, then Klaus' wolf had to go and decide that Caroline was his mate and get involved as well.

"Niklaus if you insist upon drawing sketches of Caroline Forbes nude in your sketchbook, then I suggest you find a better place to hide it."

Murder, My Sweet
It's 1923 Chicago, and Mikael is the Godfather who forces his sons to cage fight in an illegal underground ring that brings in even more betting cash than its cover crime; bootlegged alcohol. Caroline is the human flapper girl who catches the hybrid's eye, used by Mikael to keep Klaus in line. Alaric is the detective who unintentionally stumbles on the case through deaths & deceit.

On the Warpath
100 years in the future and Klaus is an inmate at a maximum security prison about to be released into a world he hasn't seen for the last 50 years. A world that knows all about Vampires and is taking a stand against them. What will Klaus do to keep his place as the Original Hybrid and will his queen stand by while he trys?

Until We Bleed
Klaus Mikaelson is an accomplished FBI agent with trust issues who is forced to work with a new partner. Caroline Forbes is a bright addition to the force desperate to prove herself. He is stubborn, she is persistent and the fights they share just heighten the physical and emotional tension. Together they are a force to be reckoned with, as they attempt to work together. AU/AH

Sadness Is My Blessing
Its 1492, Caroline is the common girl from a nearby village forced to marry the Lord Niklaus. He is the most powerful being on earth waiting for the arrival of the next doppelgänger Katherina Petrova who is the final step to breaking his curse. But no one warned Klaus just how difficult things were going to get with Caroline as she slowly steals his heart. Hints of dark Klaus/AU

lay all your love on me
"You know what you should do? Get over that 'I-have-to-have-feelings-for-the-men-I-sleep-with' crap. Go to some random bar, flirt with some good looking guy and get laid. Casual, recreational, no strings attached." Damon said. Caroline should have known better than to listen. AU/AH

Life of Sin
(Klausykins + Cicadaa)
A Klaroline Human AU in which Klaus and Caroline are a modern day Bonnie & Clyde, serial killer style.

The Port of Love
(Lovely Vero)
Fish & Sea International sent Miss Caroline Forbes, in England, at the picturesque fishing village of Clovelly. When she meets Klaus Mikaelson, one of the fishermen on their boat company: an unpleasant, surly, and rude man, violent insults fly between them. But beneath this hostility, a fire burn … A fire of pure, hot, desire.

Killer Instinct
Human AU, where Klaus promises he's not a serial killer, and Caroline lets him in.

In Shadow I Hide
Paris, 1882. The French Opera knows nothing less than grandeur and, therefore, it is only fitting for the love story that was written in the confines of the Palais Garnier to be grandiose in it's own right. Klaroline/Phantom of the Opera AU

Demons of the Sea
At 15 years old Caroline Forbes meets the notorious pirate captain Klaus Mikaelson. He offers to spare her life for a kiss and she agrees. Three years later when pirates attack the ship she is on the same man rescues her from drowning. Now she is forced to join the crew as they set out on a dangerous quest filled with adventure and romance that wil change everything she knows.

I will dream of you
He never says anything back but now, he is answering her in every one of his sketches. WWII AU/Oneshot

One year after Elena was turned, Bonnie has been lost to black magic. To prove her new strength she banishes Rebekah and Caroline to a time long ago. Klaus will do anything to bring them home even if that means going back himself. The girls search for the originals in the past for help but will they believe such a wild tale even with a girl identical to their sister?

Boy Meets Girl
Caroline Forbes is a swetheart. Klaus Mikaelson is an ultimate bad boy. Can Miss Goody-Goody win the heart of Bad Boy despite the rivalry between their siblings have? Will she be successful? It's for you to figure out their story. Klaroline Highschool au/ah.

Only Human
(peaceful village)
Caroline is only human, so she does dumb things sometimes. Like sleeping with the enemy, accidentally sending herself to the past, and then coming back with something unexpected. How is she going to explain this one?

Witness Your Future
Bonnie brings Human Klaus to the future to see what he becomes but he gets stuck there. The only one he trusts is Caroline, who, lets him stay with her, but can she protect him from his future self who is determined to find out who the human she loves is?

I'm Not Calling You A Liar
The last time Klaus had seen her (Caroline) it was 1922 and she was bleeding out, calling his name, with a stake in her hand. Esther's curse involved a doppelganger and a hunter, who would spend the next 9 life times and 1000 years, distracting, stalking, killing, loving, annoying and torturing Niklaus Mikaelson, forever thwarting his efforts to break the moonstone curse.

AU/AH: Niklaus Mikaelson knows he's every woman's dream. He's Hollywood's hottest male model and he's slept with every attractive woman in sight. So he obviously knows that when his new makeup artist, Miss Caroline Forbes, shows up on her first day, he's going to have her. She's pure, sweet, and fresh for the taking. She would be an easy catch. Or so he thinks…

The plan was to use the sword to find another - what they didn't count on what the spell backfiring. The result? Caroline and Stefan, stuck in a time when hunters are very much alive, with a big bad hybrid who seems to have taken a keen interest in them. Set after 4x05, Klaroline / Steroline.

God Save the King of New Orleans
Imagine this as the Season 2 finale of The Originals: as Mystic Falls faces annihilation, Klaus and Caroline reunite in New Orleans.

Time & Time Again
When Caroline makes an innocent wish into a magical well, she never imagines the consequences that will follow. Now she's stuck in a never-ending time loop and forced to relive events she thought were in the past. Rated M for future chapter.

we are infinite
3x22 AU: Alaric never kills Klaus, and Elijah keeps his promise to protect Elena and keep Klaus desiccated for one hundred and fifty years. But that night Elijah makes another promise to Caroline, that he will find her when it's time to wake up Klaus. And so for that long the originals protect Caroline as they all wait for the day when Klaus will rise again, and they will reunite.

Together Someday, Always and Forever
(Mistress of the House)
Post 4x09. All hell has broken lose in Mystic Falls following the destruction of the hybrids. Problem is, it is only about to get worse. The fight to stay alive is unlike anything anyone was prepared for and Caroline becomes more important than she thought she was.

(AU) "He sat across from her, taking in her appearance; her blonde hair, curly and wet from the storm; her soaked gown clinging to her skin, revealing her form just as though she was naked. He wanted her, he realized without a moment's hesitation. His plans had changed in an instant. He did not want only her blood; he wanted her in his bed. She would please him, he decided."

The Devil's Currency
When Klaus catches Caroline following him, he offers her a bargain for the younger Salvatore. But when you trade with the devil, you have to deal with the devil's currency. AU loosely set after episode 3x02. A/N: rated M in ch. 3 and 8.

July Flame
What happens when Klaus has been gone from Mystic Falls for a year and returns to find Caroline all alone in the rain?

That Girl
After witnessing her fiancée cheat on her, Caroline Forbes makes a sudden decision to turn her life around. Now that she is independent, she soon realizes that she may not have what it takes to live on her own. With a help of a good friend, she finds herself living with three hot housemates and one of them seems to be so drawn to her.

Klaus finally entices Caroline into a trip in no particular direction other than away from Mystic Falls. As a stand alone or a spin off from 'Starlight' .

Cirque de Intrigue
When the Great Depression forces Caroline to seek employment with a traveling circus, she has no idea that the world that is about to consume her is filled with lies, mystery and murder: and she winds up caught in the thick of it. Klaus is an animal trainer who only cares about his lions, yet somehow finds himself in the role of her protector, much to his chagrin. A/U

Rumor Has It
Caroline left Mystic Falls five years ago and now she is back in town to attend her best friend's, Elena, wedding to her boyfriend of three years, Elijah Mikaelson. Klaus is back in town, too. Will he succeed in wooing Caroline's heart this time? Will the wedding be a success or a disaster? What about the vacation that Elena and Elijah have planned for his siblings and her friends?

"The Slugger" is on the loose, and has left no trail for the FBI to follow. Desperate to catch him, they send an eager Caroline Forbes into the fray by having her consult the most notorious villain to ever grace a jail cell. Klaus Mikaelson. But will this help their case, or will it send Caroline down a path she wasn't ready for? AU/AH.

Loved in Shades of Wrong
"My hybrids experienced a bond to me that made them want to please me. I am experiencing the same desire for you. I now know how Tyler felt about me. I assure you it is most unpleasant and quite inconvenient. However, there is a way around all spells and bonds, as Tyler has proven. You just have to want it bad enough... I am going to find a way around this, around you."

Clash of Stars
Klaus Mikaelson; prodigy, boozer, stud extraordinaire. Caroline Forbes; American Sweetheart, rom-com queen that wants more than that. When the two clash in miniseries The Originals as Niklaus and Tatia Lancaster sparks fly on and off screen. She wasn't what he expected. He was deeper than she's ever imagined. The result was unpredictable; the fights weren't. Will life imitate art?

Oh What A Night
Caroline tapped her leg nervously as she waited for the timer to finish. Her life, her baby-free life, flashed before her eyes before the ding of the timer interrupted her thoughts. Elena's eyes inquired as Caroline slowly made her way over to the counter to see what her fate held. "Damon will never stop making bun in the oven jokes, will he?" AU-H Klaroline

I Want To Know
Caroline wakes up the morning after 4x13, in the arms of none other than Klaus Mikaelson. And after this brush with death, she finally knows what she wants. NOT JUST SEX. Three Parts, Klaroline, Complete. 4x13 spoilers. Mature. Enjoy!

Things I Should Have Said
During 4x13, there were so many things Klaus and Caroline wish they could say. And this is it. (This is my thoughts on what was going through their minds in 4x13. They are the things that they didn't really say, but meant or couldn't spit out.) Five Parts, Klaroline, Complete. 4x13 spoilers.

Family Game Night
(Wreckless Righter)
Elijah wants his siblings to partake in a Family Game Night each week in an effort to bring them together as a family again. Unfortunately, a Game Night with The Originals tends to cause a bit of chaos!

The Imminent
Caroline and Klaus live in District 13. All goes well, until the fatal news of a bomb is heard between the two. Both plan to run away, and both do successfully, but that doesn't mean they weren't separated. Years passed, Hunger Games had continued. Surprisingly, both Caroline and Klaus are chosen to fight in the same arena. Now, how are you supposed to kill someone you love?

He had lost everything once, and he wasn't prepared to do it again. Nothing would get in his way this time...but what happens when life turns everything upside down?

Off limits
They say it's wrong. And yet it only makes it hotter. AU/Series

the birth and death of the day
(Sunny Daisy)
AU "There's a war coming, Caroline." -the Forbes-Winchester blended family takes on the Apocalypse. Caroline/Klaus

Star-crossed Lovers
Klaus and Caroline were raised in a foster home together when they were young. Klaus is adopted before Caroline is, and they don't see each other until 15 years later. Once they meet again, in Klaus' office they don't know what to think. Will they rekindle their friendship or no? Ratings may change in the future chapters.

Sparks Fly
Set post 3x14. Caroline had thought Klaus pursuing her was the worst of her problems. Turns out, it gets a whole lot worse, as she copes with a raging battle between a love that could corrupt her forever, and a love that just crosses multiple lines, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "forbidden love". A Stefan/Caroline/Klaus fic that will leave you guessing to the bitter end.

The Great Design
AU/AH: Fresh out of college, Caroline Forbes has landed a new job and a new apartment complete with a sassy new roommate. She gets more than she bargained for when she comes home one night to find a stranger on the couch. klaroline.

Green Card
AU/AH: Klaus is an art grad student at Hunter College whose student visa is about to expire. Caroline is a journalism grad student and Today Show intern who's dream apartment only accepts married couples. Their marriage of convenience proves to be harder to pull off then they thought when INS comes knocking.

Mea Immortales
Summary: 1512. Lord Niklaus kidnaps Princess Caroline from her castle room. He will kill anyone who tries to stop him in his quest to make her his own, but perhaps his greatest enemy will be Caroline herself. AU and dark.

The Body
Post 4x12: When Caroline goes to Elena's house to pick up Kol's body, things don't go as planned -Before going back to couch, she walks to the kitchen to grab two large mugs, fills them with blood from her bag, and pours two long shots of vodka in them. "Here," she says, sitting beside him once again, and taking a long sip for her mug. "My very own version of a killer Bloody Mary"

Field of Mars
Post 4x13. Trying to take the edge off her pain, Klaus gives Caroline a dream; he takes her to Paris to tell her goodbye, but unexpectedly, she refuses let him go.

leave the dust behind
Post 4x14. Much to nobody's surprise, Elijah reappears to extend out an offer: Katherine's life in exchange for the cure. And just like that, Klaus and Caroline decide to go on a road trip. Two-shot

Prom Night
Klaus is leaving town but, before he does, there are some unfinished business that he must settle. Speculative-fic. My version of how S4 will end for Klaus and Caroline.

Show Me Your Compassion
Caroline, Stefan and Klaus are sent a thousand years into the past. They will go to any length to get home, but they aren't so sure they will have a home to go back to. Klefaroline AU.

How I Really Felt
During 4x14, Klaus and Caroline said a lot to each other with their eyes and their body language. This is what they were feeling. Eight Parts, Klaroline, Complete. 4x14 Spoilers.

Only For You
After saying good bye to Tyler in 4x14, Caroline realizes how alone she is, and goes to the only other person that understands her, Klaus Mikaelson. She has so much to finally tell him, and so much to ask. But first, they have to give in. NOT JUST SEX. Four Parts, Klaroline, Complete. 4x14 spoilers. Mature. Enjoy.

Queen of the Heartless
This was who she was. What she was. She was an Original. The Alpha of the Originals. The most powerful being to walk the planet. She was the Queen of the Heartless, and she left fire and death wherever she went. Dark Caroline, Role Reversal, Mystic Falls gang is the Originals, Mikaelsons are present day humans. Eventually Klaroline, Kennet, Stebekah Delena, Janna, Kalijah.

Leave my rage to the sea and the sun
A two-shot in which Klaus makes a mistake and oversteps his boundaries with Caroline which might change their relationship forever.

Caroline remembered how it had felt to lose her father and she had to take a deep breath to cope with the wave of emotion rolling over her. Even if it was Klaus, she couldn't just simply leave another person alone like that, in a moment of need. Post-4x12 one-shot.

The games we play you always win
Caroline and Klaus find themselves not only stuck in the tomb but also caught in a web of deal-making and breaking. Torn between brutal honesty and manipulation, all is fair and nothing is safe. A story flavoured with the taste of blood and bourbon. Post 4x01. Updated weekly on tuesday.

Can't Let You Be My Weakness
"I hope you didn't think a little infatuation I had with your pretty little girlfriend was going to save her. You should know Tyler, love is a weakness and it will lead you to your death." Oneshot; follows 4x13. Sort of dark, fluffers you have been warned.

Love Interruption
After their drunken tryst, Klaus and Caroline are forced to come to terms with each other. *Continuation of "Give Me Love"*

Fateful Blood
With Caroline's relationship over with Tyler, she is left walking on a lonely road. With her friends busy to save Elena, Caroline is kept in the dark and when a Spell goes wrong she is sent spiralling to unfamiliar time. Where she meets a very attractive yet dangerous Klaus. Caroline is desperate to go back home to her own time but to achieve this she must make her heart whole.

Unless I'm Led
After fleeing their village, the Mikaelson siblings find themselves welcomed in the town of Mystic Falls. Though feared and respected, Klaus is only desperate for one thing – the cure. He entrusts the help of naïve and innocent Caroline Forbes, the town leader's daughter, but what he doesn't expect is that Miss Caroline may lead him in a dangerous direction neither expected.

Keeping Distance
Two years passed and Mystic Falls is a peaceful town again. Caroline and everyone else went on to live their normal vampire lives, no hybrids, no vampire hunters, no Klaus. Caroline has found peace and love in the arms of Stefan. But just when the two decided to see the world, Klaus appeared and he isn't exactly pleased to find the two. AU Klaroline/Steroline/Klefaroline

Nights I Can't Remember
Klaus is in his third year university to become a Artist, he's smooth, charismatic and completely antisocial. His brother (and best friend) Kol decides that he needs to have a little fun. Though Klaus befriending and bedding a pretty blond girl working the streets of London wasn't originally what he had in mind. [AU]

Come Freely, Go Safely
London, 1897. Tyler Lockwood struggles with a curse that makes his life living hell. When he hears about a man, far away in the wild Carpathians, that can free him from his curse, he decides to take his chance. However, the mysterious man turns out to be much more dangerous than he thought. Not only does Tyler risk his life, but also the safety of his beloved Caroline. (dark)

The Madness Underneath
Caroline is a psych student working as a sober companion in Chicago, hired by Elijah Mikaelson to assist his brother, Klaus, who is fresh out of rehab. For the next six weeks she'll be with him 24/7 helping him to maintain a sober life. Caroline will soon discover Klaus is no ordinary client. AH/AU, based off of Elementry/Sherlock Holmes. Do not have to be a fan of Holmes to read!

Beauty and the Geek
(The Deej)
AU/AH - Klaus owns a comic book store and Caroline is the pretty little thing that moves into the retail space next door. Light and fluffy, to go with all the doom and gloom that's been popping up lately! Rated M...because you know'll get smutty before you know it. *snickers*

The Wanderers
Caroline Forbes, orphaned after her parents murder when she was younger, finds that things aren't turning out exactly as she planned. But when the mysterious Original vampire, Klaus Mikaelson, breezes into town with a destructive plan that involves her. Caroline finds herself thrust into a world she never knew about, and a history she didn't know she was a part of.

Royal Temptation
AU/AH (1492)- The princesses of Bulgaria Caroline and Katherine flee into London where they have found trouble and stumbled across the mansion of the Dukes of London; Klaus fancies the beautiful Caroline and the noble Elijah fancies the brave Katherine and the girls experience feelings that they have never felt before but how long will it take for their parents to find them?

And He Called Darkness Light
"There shall be consequences. The lack of your soul shall bring out of hiding all of your demons. Jealousy, pride… Regret, betrayal. And the one you should be scared of the most. The demon of your darkest desires and all your lust." The story takes place in the past, 17th century.

Louder Than Thunder
All Hell was about to break loose. After dying while protecting a grieving Klaus, Caroline finds herself sent back in time, and she's not who she once was. She's more. Back in Mystic Falls, something else is stirring. After the arrival of a mysterious figure from Klaus' past, it all comes to a head. It really is louder than thunder. Starts after 4x12. AU after that. Time travel.

When the Mikaelson's leave Mystic falls the gang celebrates but Caroline can't help but feel off, she convinces herself it's because Tyler's gone and in hiding but could it be something more? She has no time to ponder about her feelings since Elena suddenly goes missing. Are the Mikaelson's involved in the disappearance? The gang definitely think so and Caroline will find out.

Seven Devils
When Caroline begins to have mysterious dreams, it leads to the unraveling of her unlikely fate with Klaus, and ultimately, her devilish destiny as they fight to survive a greater evil. AU.

Always & Forever
AU- After everything that happened in mystic falls after Alaric's death. Elena, Caroline and Bonnie meet up 5 years later and go on vacation in Miami where they bump into the Originals. The girls stick around to find out that there's more to the Originals that meets the eye.

Tortured Angel
Set from an alternative 2x13: What if Caroline was rescued from the wolves by a stranger? All she knew was that he was a vampire, and his name was Nik.

Goodbye my almost lover
They say no one can control fate, that it is your destiny, designed to unravel before your eyes. Niklaus Mikaleson lives to prove these people wrong. He will stop at nothing to bring back the one he loves with every fibre of his hollow being, but what happens when life tears you apart piece by piece, inch by inch? A tragic tale of never to be love.

The Sleeping Fire
Klaus Mikaelson was living up to his name and introducing all kinds of changes, and editor Caroline Forbes wasn't sure she was happy about them. She felt happier about Klaus himself, who was undeniably attractive. But then she wasn't the only one to feel that way about him, was she ...?

Take Me Away
Caroline was hurt. But no one's there to be with her, except for Klaus. And in that moment of vulnerability, she let him.

Heart Fire
Caroline Forbes was never meant to fall. Being falsely accused of crimes she did not commit Caroline is thrown out into the Human world unarmed and unprepared. Klaus Mikaelson had, had enough. Too bad he's left to deal with a crazed woman who fell magically out of the sky. Neither are ready for what their encounter will bring.

Mardi Gras
Sequel to Prom Night. Caroline and Tyler travel down to New Orleans, as desperate times, such as, I don't know, Tyler ripping out the heart of Caroline's latest fling under the influence of Klaus's compulsion, definitely call for desperate measures. Multi-chaptered. TVD/The Originals crossover.

Bound By Blood
"Blood has the strongest magic of all, it can create because it destroys. It ties everything in life together. Nature always calls for balance. Some people call it Karma. Others call it God's wrath. We call it magic. For every reward, there is sacrifice. For every birth, death. For every beginning, an end." Who knew one bite could lead to all this?

Debitum Naturae
The fairytale has ended and only the monsters remain. sequel to the Path.

Return and Remember
(Sci-fi Christian)
Caroline regrets the way she treated Klaus, and now she is given a second chance to make things right. Set after the season three finale. Warning: SLIGHT torture/rape in this story.

Post 4x16. Slightly influenced by 4x17 clip. Caroline is sitting around in the Salvatore's boarding house, drinking, and she realizes how right Elena could be about that damn humanity switch. She starts to spiral and think of all the shit shes been through. When she overhears Stefan and Klaus talking about sleeping with Hayley. Rated M for later chapters. *No Klayley Baby*

Leap of Faith
(Siren's Fire)
AU/AH. Caroline has a bit of a strange adolescence. Part-time model for her friend's firm, head of everything she can be, and best friend to some lovable idiots. Klaus is 21, with an unsatisfying life with a cheating girlfriend and annoying siblings. When he 'saves' Caroline, she somehow manages to pop up in his life in the strangest of ways until he admits he wants her to stay.

Two college students, Klaus and Caroline, go on a trip with their class to a less fortunate country and while at a yacht party they fall overboard. They get stranded on an island and must rely on one another for survival. Will they be able to survive on this island or will they perish?

Arrow in the Heart
Klaus Mikaelson is a billionaire playboy to the world by day, but vigilante at night. Caroline Forbes is a lawyer, trying to save lives, but limited in her current firm. Most all TVD characters included.

When Darkness Falls
Set 84 years after 4x22. Bonnie never put the veil back up, and hell has been unleashed on Earth. The ghosts have taken over. Klaus and Caroline haven't seen each other since that fateful day in Mystic Falls. After 84 years they're finally reunited, will they find love, and can they stop Qetsiyah's reign?

Reckless, Sexy and Fun
(the little harlequin)
AU/AH. Based on The Great Gatsby. It's 1922 and Stefan Salvatore has come to New York. There, he meets the legendary Klaus Mikaelson, whose parties are the talk of the town. However, Stefan soon finds out that the motivation behind all this extravagance is a woman - a woman Klaus lost many years ago to another man, but plans to win back. A woman named Caroline Forbes.

Terrible Creatures
On a full-moon night, while the Spirits observe and design, Hayley bargains for her life; Klaus hovers and haunts; Rebekah makes a promise, and Caroline bends her rubber heart so it doesn't break. Klaus/Caroline. Ensemble. TO/TVD crossover. Canon-compliant. Multi-chaptered.

How it Ends
Turned against her will and caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse, freshly made vampire Caroline Forbes is learning the hard way - immortal or not, nobody lives forever.

The Pirate & The Thief
AU Caroline Forbes belongs to a very wealthy family in London, but once Governor Lockwood comes to visit offering her father a position in Port Royal Jamaica, Caroline's peaceful life will never be the same. She travels to Port Royal with the Lockwoods, and has her very first encounter with pirates, but surely... it will not be her last. (Inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean)

Dance Until You Remember Me on Bourbon Street
After departing Mystic Falls ten years ago, Klaus has moved on with his life. One day he runs into an old flame, Caroline, but learns that she has no recollection of him or the rest of his family. Caroline is resistant to Klaus' charms, which forces Klaus to use the art of dancing to make her remember him and the few genuine they've shared on the dance floor.

Queen of the Quarter
150 years since Klaus' last appearance in New Orleans, and he's returned to take back his throne, take out any obstacles and make New Orleans his home once more. But a new Queen has taken up residence in town, and it's a blast past from Klaus' past that will leave him wondering what he wants more, and with a decision to face. The certainty of power or a chance of love?

Tangled Up In Blue
A year after Elijah and Elena's wedding, Klaus and Caroline are reunited by a tragic set of life-changing circumstances. AH/AU (continuation of Heart-Shaped Glasses)

Hollywood Heartbreak
Caroline Forbes is Hollywood's golden girl. She's got a famous boyfriend, and has even landed a big movie role. But what happens when she finds out that her costar in the movie is none other than Hollywood's bad boy, Niklaus Mikaelson, the subject of Caroline's hatred. Will she continue hating him, or will their onscreen romance, transition to off-sreen? AU/AH

Just Give Me A Reason
Klaus. Caroline. Sparks fly. After one passionate night, they thought they would never see each other again… Five months later, Klaus gets an unexpected surprise when he runs into Caroline - a very pregnant Caroline. Klaroline. AU. All human. (HIATUS until July 23, 2013 - Will be traveling without internet!)

Fractured Light
After Elena turns off her humanity, she murders Caroline's mom to prove a point. Now Caroline's alone, just like Elena. So what does she do? She leaves town. She runs, never looks back and worst of all, flips the switch. Can Klaus save her? Can he be her light, guiding her back? Klaroline.

The Hollow Life He Leads
Marcel accepted Klaus to join his inner circle after he gave his blood to save one of his men from the bite; however he knows better than to trust the original hybrid. Klaus being immortal, original and a hybrid it makes it impossible to kill him, so Marcel will do whatever it takes to find Klaus' weakness. Whatever it takes.

Maybe Baby
(the little harlequin)
High School AU/AH. She's the head cheerleader, with a wide circle of friends and a 4.0 grade average. He's the school's social outcast, a loner with a passion for art. She's pregnant. He's the father.

Pushing the sky for you
Greek myth of Ares and Aphrodite transferred into the present times, through characters of Klaus and Caroline. It is not strongly attached to the myth itself, it is inspired by it. AU

We Still Kill the Old Way
AU ..Klaus/Caroline.. The body falls between them with a heavy thud and Klaus smiles, reaching forward, burying his hands in her golden hair and pulling her close. Her mouth is stained in red and she smiles when he licks at her lips.

Caroline Forbes was a woman with a secret. Running from a shattered past, she settles in New Orleans, determined to disappear in the crowds and chaos. When her path continually crosses with the Mikaelson family, her plans go awry. When she finds herself drawn to the charasmatic Klaus, she begins to wonder: How far can you run before the past catches up with you? AU/AH Klaroline