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drabble request: caroline accidentally refers to Klaus as Tyler. It seems like he doesn't notice at first but then later that night, he makes sure it's his name she's screaming ;)


I twisted it just a little bit. Also: Smut . 

“Hey Ty, can you get me that book?”

“Excuse me?”

Caroline looked up and blushed, with an apologetic smile she asked again.

“Sorry. Klaus can you get me that book?” Caroline asked again, as she looked at her boyfriend who had come over to her house to get some study time in for their big history final next week. .

Klaus tisked under his breath as he pulled the book free from the shelf and handed it to Caroline who gave him a kiss against the side of his mouth as she took it from him.

It was the first time she had slipped up with the name. She had been with Tyler for two years before going out with Klaus. After months of trying to woo her, Caroline had finally given in and let the bad boy in school take her out on a date. A date that had turned into another date and another after that, and soon enough she found herself going steady with the handsome blue eyed brit. And yet she had called him Ty, as old habits do indeed die hard.

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Drabble: Caroline can't stop thinking about the kiss with Klaus in tylers body. Cause' she knows ty could never really kiss her like that Now she can't stop thinking abour what it'd be like To really kiss him ... Something like that, pretty please? ☺


Thank You for this. Really.

Stop staring…

Stop it….


She hates him.

She hates him with every organ in her body.

She hates him with every drop of blood in her system.

How dare he just sit there and have a drink like he was Mystic Fall’s innocent victim?

How dare he just sit there and drink and relish in being sane while she’s going bat shit crazy because of him?

It’s not fair…

He’s just sitting there…casually, having a drink while she sits here, attempting to grind her teeth in, trying desperately not to look at them.

Don’t look down…

Don’t do it Caroline…

You’re strong…

You can do it…



She wish she was a witch so she can fly him out of the bar and shut the doors behind him. She wished she was someone who was strong enough to scare him into leaving her in peace. Like Mikael without the part about him hunting Klaus down like a deer.

She mostly just wish her mind can focus on something important like Tyler or Elena or Bonnie and not on those things…

What things you say?

It’s very simple really.

Ever since Klaus/Tyler rescued her from the Counsel’s crazy grasp and she basically attacked Klaus/Tyler’s lips before realizing that it was Klaus inside of Tyler’s body…her mind— and other regions— have been thinking about one thing and one thing only…

What does his lips taste like?

Are they soft?

Are they firm?

God, they’re so full…

Is he a good kisser…like a really good kisser with his lips?

Of course he is, he’s a thousand years old! If I had that amount of time I’d perfect kissing too!

These thoughts might seem like they’ve been haunting her since forever but seriously, they haven’t.

It’s been like two weeks, three days, three hours and seventeen minutes…not that she’s counting or anything.

It’s not her fault though, seriously. It’s his!

He’s the one that kissed her using Tyler’s lips.

It’s not like she could have just went on with her life like it never happened because it did. She knew because the kiss was so absolutely completely different.

She had assumed he was just really happy to see her safe and sound but obviously she was wrong, it was Klaus.

That kiss was so different.

It was filled with so much passion that it made her heart clench with a renewed amount of love she had for him. It was fiery, it was soul consuming and it was the most honest kiss she had ever gotten from anyone. Ever.

So much emotion in one kiss. Relief, shock, deep feelings that very much describe the ‘L’ word. It was like a freaking live wire touching her lips. It was shocking— no pun intended— but it wasn’t a bad shock but an addictive one.

She wanted more…


She needed more…

Like Quick…


She wished she could just walk up to him and kiss the senses and insanity out of that bastard hybrid but as much as he annoys her, some part of him still scares her. Though it’s not the scary part of him she’s afraid of…

Seriously, she needs to get out of here before she get’s locked up for sexually assaulting The Original Hybrid.

She exits the bar and welcomes the fresh air surrounding her with a smile. Nothing like some nice fresh air to purify the mind of impure thoughts and desires…

Her pleasantness was short-lived however, when she was grabbed firmly and was flashed away— of course a vampire would want to kidnap her, she’s like a freaking torture magnet— but when her back hits a brick wall, when her senses realize that she’s near a trash dump; she opens her eyes to find two stormy wild blue ones staring— more like glaring— right at her.

Talk about invasion of personal space.

"What are you and your pathetic friends up to sweetheart?" she could hear the obvious anger in his throat like acid.

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning…

"What are you talking about and who are you calling pathetic?" she scoffed and glared at him.

"You’ve been sitting in the Grill for almost thirty minutes staring at me and suddenly you leave, now don’t take me for a fool Caroline and tell me what are you lot planning to do this time?" he sounded like he was in no mood to argue or negotiate.

She scoffed at his assumption though, finding it insulting for him to even assume that of her “No one’s planning to kill you Klaus, I just happened to be in the Grill the same as you and I decided to leave, if that’s a crime then lock me up and throw away the damn key”

He took a step closer, his anger increasing “Yet of all the people in that building, your eyes are dead set on me and me only”

"I—" what was she to say? I’m sorry for burning a hole in the back of your skull but your lips are trying to kill me slowly because they are absolutely stunningly gorgeous?

Yea she’d rather get the bullets in her head.

"What" he snapped.

She crushed her lips with his and like she had thought, the kiss was the same, the exact same and it was so much better because they were his lips.

When she pulled away, he looked absolutely baffled, confused out of his mind by her actions and what was he suppose to do, poor thing.

"Wha…" she cut him off.

"Seriously, shut up and kiss me"

He smirked.

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could you maybe write one where Klaus and Caroline watch a really scary movie at night, and how she can't sleep afterwards so Klaus cuddles with her? thank you (:


“No… no… she’s in there! Oh my God, he’s going to kill her… He’s totally going to kill her. I can’t watch this anymore.” The music was beginning to build up and it was completely obvious that something scary was about to happen, which caused Caroline to pull her knees in closer to her chest and bury her face into Klaus’ chest.

The hybrid only laughed as he looked down at the fearless blonde who was obviously frightened by one of his all-time favorite horror films. His arm came around her and held her tight, but then shook her lightly when he realized the best part was just about to happen. “Caroline, you promised you’d watch.”

“Well I don’t want to anymore.” She retorted, her face still buried against his Henley. 

“You made me watch your bloody romantic films, love. The least you could do is watch this one with me, and I won’t make you watch another in the future.”

The blonde slowly lifted her head up, her eyes meeting his almost instantly. “Promise?”

Klaus felt the ends of his lips pull upward as he caressed the blonde’s back. “I promise.” 

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Klaroweek Day 4: Season 5 and The Originals

This is a birthday gift for rippahgonewolf that just so happened to fit perfectly with today’s theme. She asked for Caroline to be the one that Katherine body jumped into and for them to end up in New Orleans, giving their men a run for their money. 

This ended up getting long, big shock there, so I’m going to turn this into a two parter. The second part will come out when I have a chance to write in between or after Klaroweek.

I hope you like it Mal!

(I tweaked the passenger mythology a bit to make this work, although I suppose it could actually work this way in canon too. Everything else should fit the shows, well, TVD at least, you know I’m gonna have to fix the mess that is TO when I get to NOLA.)


Katherine stared in the mirror, admiring her new blonde hair. “She should really go back to curling it more,” she said idly, twirling a lock with her finger. “Or I guess I should, to be more accurate,” she smirked at her new reflection.

It would take some getting used to, having a new face and body, but Caroline Forbes was an infinitely better candidate than her pathetic doppelganger. Now when she felt the need to snark at Damon no one would look at her strangely. Bonus.

Katherine continued to play with her new hair, running her fingers through it until she came across a leaf. “What were you up to today, Caroline?” she wondered aloud, twirling the leaf in her fingers.

After she undressed, wondering why she wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath her jacket, she made herself comfortable in Caroline’s, her bed, falling asleep more pleased than she had in a long time.

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friendstravelingtvseries asked: Heeey, I love your story's, i love to read a drabble where caroline is a werewolf and she is klaus mate


He knew it when he first laid eyes on her, he knew it when his hands first laid touch on her. He knew it when her hands first laid touch on him…and yet he can’t honestly believe it.

You would think that Klaus Mikealson, Original Hybrid was a fearless man, yet he’s scared of a little ole blonde werewolf and her heartwarming smile…so full of light.

You would think that the Klaus Mikaelson, Original Hybrid was a strong man, stronger than any being on the planet, yet he’s but a tiny branch to her strong oak tree.

She’s the most powerful person he’s ever met. It’s almost strange really. He’s supposedly the most powerful being on the planet and here he stands, corrected. She is more powerful than he is and he knows what he has to do. Get rid of her.

But he can’t. He would love to but he just can’t bring himself to do it.

But oh, he’s tried.

He tried to use her in a sacrifice, it didn’t work.

He tried making her boyfriend kill her from a werewolf bite, that failed.

He even tried to kill her himself by poisoning her with his venom, that failed miserably.

Now he just sits here, knowing what’s out there but has no idea what to do with it.

He just sits in his room and sketch and paint, knowing that she’s out there but he locks himself in here, pretending that she doesn’t exist.

It was easy at first. To stop thinking about her, by thinking about other things, then the sketching started.

It was really meant to be a sunrise, really, it did but when he was finished with the hair, he realized that it was her he was about to sketch.

After hours of attempting to get rid of that, he gave up and just drew. He drew and he painted as much as he can to get the thoughts of her out of his mind.

Yet it is quite difficult when said person is staring right back at you on a canvas no less.

Give in, a calmly happy Elijah had said to him one morning.

"You seem as though you are afraid of her" Elijah had mentioned before Klaus had— not so kindly— kick him out of the house.

Even Kol was encouraging towards it.

"I say go for it, if she bites then that’s a good thing" Kol had suggested. Klaus threatened to carve out his prostate and everything else with it if he continued.

He was actually hoping that his sister would be with him in regards to staying away from her but he was dead wrong.

"Oh Nik, stop acting like such a wuss and go to her. I might not like her but she’s more tolerable than any of the women you’ve been with" Rebekah had groaned out before he retreated to somewhere more secluded.

So basically everyone was telling him yes but every bone in his body screamed ‘no’ to the top of their lungs.

He’s not afraid of her! He’s not! He just…he loves his control. He loves having control over as much as he can but he can’t control her. No matter what he tries, he can’t.

To top it all off, she can make him do whatever she desires. He feels like he’s her puppet. Like he’s a Gepetto and she’s pulling his strings.

She can make him smile when she smiles. She can make him frown when she’s upset, she can make him laugh by doing something as simple as make a face. He killed one of his own hybrids, all for a date with her. He’s shown mercy, something that’s so foreign to him in all of his years of this earth for her. He gave a man freedom when he didn’t deserve it for her.

If she wanted someone dead, he knew deep in his gut that he would kill that person however she sees fit.

He is part werewolf so he can still have a mate, the witches said. He is a hybrid and it might be more common to him than normal werewolves, they added. It’s absolutely possible and likely that he has a mate somewhere they assured him.

They even told him the signs on how to be sure that she is the one.

When he saw her for the first time, there would be something inside of him exploding.

Oh there was.

He never firstly saw her in that school with the Lockwood, no he’s seen her before and wasn’t as explosive as the witch described.

He was in Alaric’s body. He was spying on his doppelganger and Caroline was talking to her in her little cheer leading uniform. She was so perky and high spirited but to him, she was like any normal teenage girl…with a kick in her step of course.

Then hearing that she was with the werewolf boy no doubt didn’t shock him really. Most werewolves usually find themselves coupling with their own rather than a human or a vampire.

Then when he got into his own body, he spotted her leaving his werewolf’s home and heading to hers. She was pretty, she had this alpha female energy to her that intrigued him a bit but that’s about it.

Then when he turned into a hybrid and he returned, that’s when he saw it.

He didn’t want to linger on her and cause suspicion to his sister but it was like some organ inside of him blew up. It was an explosive feeling— pun intended— and he’d been baffled by her ever since.

He immediately sought out to learn more about her…even when she basically spat in his face and threw his gift at him, he was still entranced by her. She was a wonder, an enigma and he was amazed and in awe of her.

She knows who he is and what he is and there was no speck of fear in her when she’s near him. No sign of fear or horror, just disgust.

A knock on his front door harshly pulled him out of his mind and he flashed downstairs, only to be hit by her scent.

She’s here…

On his front porch…

At his house…

She’s here…

He slowly opened the door and prepared to plaster his cocky smirk and charm her pants off but she never gave him the chance.

"You’re my mate" she blurted out. It was filled with shock, wonder and a little curiousity.

The exact same feelings he felt when he first realized it.

"Yes and I am yours" he replied, his voice was more calm and collected

Her shock quickly died in that moment and in return came anger, she looked absolutely adorable when she’s angry “You mean you knew this whole time and didn’t think to tell me?”

"Now love…" he was cut off.

"Don’t ‘love’ me you ass. Would it had killed you if you had…" he cut her off.

"Firstly, name calling is a bit harsh don’t you think?"

"Oh bite me"

"I can take that as an invitation"

She rolled her eyes and glared harder at him in response.

"Another thing. What would you have done if I had came to you in the middle of the night while you were asleep and awake you to tell you that we’re mated?" he really wanted to know her answer because he knew all too well how that would have went down. Caroline would have called him a bunch of names, including crazy and kicked him out of her house.

She huffed and her shoulders sagged, showing that he had got her there and she knew she would not have taken it well.

He invited her in, she walked in. She said nothing. Just made her way to the living room where she slumped on a couch, the two seat couch and huffed loudly and rather unladylike like but managed to stay beautiful doing it.

"You could have still told me you know" her voice sounded through the silence they had placed themselves in, while sitting down.

"I know"

"Then why didn’t you?" she asked, the million dollar question he was asking himself.

It was the perfect information he needed to keep her close to him. It was the secret weapon he could use to keep her at his side, whether she wanted to or not and yet he couldn’t find it in him to say a thing. He’s known for two weeks now and in that two weeks, he could have told her that she was mated to the Original Hybrid but he didn’t, couldn’t. Some stupid part of him thought that she would use it to her advantage. She knew he’d do anything for her and with this, it was a done deal. He would forever be her puppet and she will forever pull his strings, no matter how much he fought.

Somehow, being with her sounded more appealing that keeping control of his actions. He never had control over them to begin with anyways. His anger controlled his actions. He knew this.

"I don’t know…" it was a weak attempt to lie and she knew it.

"Yes you do but you don’t want to tell me" her tone was so sure that he was actually considering that she might be able to read minds, or just his.

He looked away.

"I Know that you’re in love with me Klaus. I’m not so blind. I also know that you have no clue what love is or you won’t dagger your own brothers and sister and stick them in boxes like wind-up toys. You might want others to see you as the monster they claim you to be but you’re not. I have witnessed first hand what a real monster can do. You’re not a monster"

He swallowed hard, he almost believed her. He almost believed that he wasn’t the monster his sister and father claimed him to be.

"I suppose you  would want to speak to some werewolves for a way to break the bond between us" his voice meant to come out with no emotion whatsoever but it was weak and hoarse.


He looked up.


"I’m not heartless Klaus, I do have feelings for you. I’m not saying that I love you because I don’t. I know that someday, maybe tomorrow, maybe a century from now, I’ll be in love with you and that scares me like hell…but I’ve known about this for a couple of days now and it gave me time to think about it. My first thought was to find a way to break it but then I thought about it some more. I’m done. I’m done fighting what we have, I’m not pretending we have nothing, I’m done lying to myself and my friends about it. It seems like every time I try to push those feelings away, they push back more and more and I’m done playing tug of war with my head and my heart. My mom always say to follow your heart and t his is what I’m doing now. I’m following my heart"

The look of determination didn’t stop his heart from beating.

But the smile she graced him with made it soar to the heavens.

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A Reunion—“I much prefer the shirts with easier access,” he comments with a grin. 


Prompt by willowaus.

She doesn’t know it’s happened, she doesn’t know how it’s started. She honestly wouldn’t be able to explain it for the life of hers. But, somehow, it has.

One day, she was feeling watched and followed, and, the next, she had hybrid minions helping her redecorate her dorm room.

(Because, seriously—she’s Caroline Forbes, and if you think that you can put people to guard her without her noticing and turning them on you, then you are so wrong.)

So, of course, she had to call him.

Part of her was simply annoyed that he hadn’t completely made good on his promise to leave her alone (well, those weren’t exactly his words… but, you know), but, if she had to be completely honest with herself, she knew that she was mostly just glad—and, ugh, how even more annoyed at him she felt because of that—to have an excuse to talk to him again.

Maybe—just freaking maybe—she wasn’t so ready to say goodbye to him just yet, okay?

Humph. Whatever.

"Sweetheart,"—and oh, how she wanted to phone-punch (was that even a thing?) that smug, little smirk that she knew he had on as he spoke off that unfairly gorgeous face of his—”To what do I owe–”

"I have to say," she interrupted him with a casual, uncaring lilt to her tone, checking over her fingernails as her voice traveled through the phone line. "Choosing to only send me gay bodyguards was a cheap shot, Klaus."

He laughed, freely and genuinely, and she couldn’t suppress the smile that curved her lips at the privilege of hearing what was probably such a rare sound.

"Well, love," he sighed, almost contentedly, "I couldn’t have them getting the wrong ideas, now, could I?"

She scoffed. “Of course not. I think that Mark and Ray make quite the cute couple, though. I helped them getting together, you know? It only took me three days, I think it’s a new record.”

Caroline,” he immediately stressed, sighing and sounding slightly troubled, “They are there to protect you. If they are coupling tog–”

Again, she interrupted him. With a resounding laughter this time.

Coupling? Is that what you call it? God, you are such an oldie.”

"You did not seem to mind my… experience,” he teased, “When we were the ones coupling.”

(Yup, he had successfully rendered her face the color of a tomato. No big deal. Ugggh.)

Klaus! Ew.”

"Ew?" he chuckled over the phone. "That is the impression that I have left?”

Caroline scrunched her nose up in annoyance, knowing that ew was the faaaarthest impression that he had left of himself with her that day.

(Ugh. Damn him.)

"I’m hanging up right now."

"You are the one who called."

If only looks could kill. (And if they could do it over the phone, as well.)

A grumbled “I hate you”, and then the line went dead.

–but, but, but.

She called him again a week after that first phone call, complaining about some Ikea vase that she apparently loved so much and that one of the hybrids had involuntarily knocked down to the ground, irreparably breaking it into a million, tiny pieces.

(“No—seriously, Klaus. How are they supposed to watch over me,” she mocked, scoffed, “If they can barely walk a straight line?”)

Two days later, she found a new, identical vase waiting for her inside of a fancy, brown box in front of her dorm room’s door.

Cue to a roll eye.

(No. She did not smile at the sight, by the way. Nope.)

Of course, she had to call him again to say thank you—as if Caroline Forbes actually ever said thank you to anybody.

(“You’re welcome, sweetheart.”

She snorted. “It was actually the least you could do.”)

Day after day, call after call–

–because he just was too damn tempting, and it was so not her fault–

–she kind of just slowly stopped trying to look for excuses to talk to him altogether. She didn’t need them, anyway. Her pride be damned.


Of course, when you give the Devil one finger, he is just going to take the whole goddamn arm of yours if he pleases.


Klaus! What the hell are you doing here?” she screeches, finding him comfortably lying down on the yellow bed placed right in the middle of her dorm room.

"You can call me every day as you wish, but I cannot even come and say hi once? I’m hurt, Caroline."

She narrows her eyes, slamming the door closed behind her with a huff.

"You promised.”

"Not to come back to Mystic Falls. The sign on my way in said ‘Welcome to Whitmore College’.”

"Oh, aren’t you clever?"

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Hi ! So I have a drabble request :) A fluffy Klaus and Caroline at the cinema maybe ?!


Hii there. So I decided to make this movie date the one that Caroline brought up in 4x07. Hope you like it!

"After I walk into the theater, I want you to count to ten very slowly. If you come in any sooner, I will put at least five seats between us. Do you understand me?” With her eyes narrowed towards his, she poked the hybrid square in the chest before opening the door of the theater and disappearing inside, leaving Klaus to remain outside and count to ten just like she said. As he watched her enter the building, he pressed his lips together to form a thin line, annoyance slowly building up inside of him. She’s so bloody demanding, he thought.

"One… two… three… four…"

By the time he counted up to ten, he walked inside and found Caroline sitting in the middle section, a giant bucket of popcorn placed on her lap, and a smug look on her face. He kept his eyes on her as he walked up towards the blonde, his lips mindlessly running over his bottom lip.

"Congratulations. You get to sit three seats away from me," she said in a sarcastic tone before she popped a small handful of popcorn into her mouth, her free hand extended out towards the seats down the line. The hybrid scoffed and looked around the room. Luckily, the two were the only ones in there.

Klaus flashed to the sit directly beside Caroline and sat down, his hands coming together to clasp just over his lower abdomen. 

"What do you think you’re doing?" Caroline sat up straight and held onto the bucket of popcorn while she turned to question the hybrid.

"I’m sitting, waiting patiently for the movie to start…" Klaus turned towards Caroline and eyed the popcorn. He reached over and grabbed a handful. "     Eating some popcorn. I don’t see the problem, love.”

The blonde groaned and turned to face the large screen. “Hey, you didn’t pay for this. You’re only allowed a limited handfuls of popcorn, okay?”

Klaus side-eyed the blonde while he popped some popcorn into his mouth, the ends of his lips curling upward into a smirk. “Shh… Caroline. The movie is about to start.”

She looked around and noticed the lights were beginning to dim and the two of them were still the only ones in the theater. She had forgotten their choice of movie… Maybe it was a romantic one? Or maybe it was an action flick? She completely forgot.

Taking a deep breath, she decided to just sit back, eat some popcorn, and watch the movie, completely ignoring the fact that Klaus was sitting right beside her. Maybe he wouldn’t even be a bother? Caroline exhaled softly before placing the bucket in the space between the two of them, causing Klaus to glance over and give her a small smile. “Well look who decides to share their popcorn. Would you like me to hold your hand as well?”

Caroline rolled her eyes. “No,” she hissed. “I don’t want you to hold my hand.”

"Ah, come on. Isn’t that what the kids do these days? The boy takes the girl out to the cinemas, they share popcorn, and then they hold hands for the entire film? But if it’s a horror film that means it’s the boy’s job to hold her, correct?"

She stared at him in awe. How would a thousand year old vampire know about the teenage dating scene?

"You want to hold my hand? Fine. Just don’t talk anymore… The movie’s about to start.”

Klaus chuckled softly and leaned in towards her side. “Love, you and I are the only ones in here.”

So? We’re still in a theater, we’re still here to watch a movie… If you want to talk, we can talk later… we can talk when the movie’s done. Maybe over some ice cream?” She practically whizzed through that last bit.

The hybrid’s eyes widened when he heard Caroline mention ice cream. “Are you asking me out for ice cream?”

She groaned again. “No.”

Klaus smirked and reached for Caroline’s free hand. “I gladly accept, sweetheart. I would be honored to have ice cream with you after the film.”

With one hand clasped with Klaus’, she used her other hand to rub her temples while she sunk low into her seat. How dare he make this seem like she was asking him out! While the two held hands, she felt his thumb brush lightly against her skin and she couldn’t help but glance over at the hybrid with a look of defeat.

"I hope you know you’re buying." 

The hybrid chuckled softly and pressed a featherlight kiss to the back of Caroline’s hand. “Of course, love. I know.” The two exchanged another look before a voice from behind shouted out, “Will you two shut up? The movie started five minutes ago!

So this wasn’t exactly super fluffy, but I hope it’s okay.


She was silenced for all of her life. She was abused by darkness. She was sold to slavery and treated as a dear daughter but being sold to the Niklaus Mikaelson might have given her the voice she lost… 
Prequel to the upcoming “So Full of Light”
Read Here :)


She was silenced for all of her life. She was abused by darkness. She was sold to slavery and treated as a dear daughter but being sold to the Niklaus Mikaelson might have given her the voice she lost… 

Prequel to the upcoming “So Full of Light”

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Drabble Prompt: Future setting. Caroline becomes a wine connoisseur and owns a famous vineyard in France/Italy. Klaus' daughter drags him to find the perfect bottle for a friend's wedding. :)


A/N: Sorry this is late but I’ve been lazy today!!

There was next to nothing that Klaus could refuse his daughter. For some absurd reason, she seemed to have him wrapped around her little finger. She would give him those damned puppy-eyes, and upturned lower lip and he would have to cave and give her whatever she wanted. If that did not work, she would take out the big guns.

"It’s the least you can do after leaving me for eight years with Aunt Bekah" she would say.

That one was guaranteed to work. Even though Klaus still believed he had no other choice, for some reason, her words gnawed at him with guilt. Hope had turned out to be a happy, loving, stable, girl. She never felt unloved or uncared for, but hearing her say that, reminded Klaus of his own abandonment issues. And he wanted to make it up to her in any way possible.

Sometimes, that way required him to be dragged across the streets of Rome to some mundane tasks. Like picking out the best wine with her. Hope had been taking her maid of honor duties far too seriously. Her best friend of the decade was getting married within a month and Hope was taking care of everything. And in her concentration on the wedding preparations, she’d forgotten to buy the happy couple a wedding gift. Klaus had told her that it was completely unnecessary, she had, after all, arranged the entire wedding. But Hope was determined that she needed to buy them a wedding gift. Klaus had shrugged and handed her over his credit card. And all was well in the world until she came back home huffing. She had decided to buy a bottle of expensive wine for the newlyweds (Her friend loved wine, she said) but had no idea how to decide on a bottle. And, as usual, managed to guilt her father into helping her.

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Drabble prompt: Klaus buys Caroline a gift for her birthday and sends it along with a letter, since he agreed not to return. It's a sign that while he's not there, he's still thinking of her. It's very vague, but hopefully you can turn it into something.


Klaroweek Day 5: The Ideal Future

I like to think that this is one of the many possible ways Klaroline can finally come together, so I think this prompt works well for today’s Klaroweek theme.


“Caroline! There’s a package for you!”

“Coming!” the blonde shouted from her room before making her way to the kitchen where her mother was going through the mail.

Liz looked up at her daughter briefly before nodding to the small parcel in the middle of the table. “Were you expecting something?” she asked, turning back to the pile of bills in front of her.

“No, but it was my birthday last weekend, maybe someone sent me a gift,” Caroline smiled, turning the package over in her hands, searching for the return address which seemed to be missing.

“Well, I hope it’s something nice, honey,” Liz said, already distracted with her own mail.

Caroline headed back to her room, not wanting to disturb her mother, she knew how she got when it was bill time. Flopping on her bed, she carefully untied the string and unwrapped the brown packaging paper, tossing it beside her.

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