A drabble in honor of Klaroweek!


Head in the Clouds

A little girl that goes by the name of Caroline Forbes wanted to follow the moon, but what she got in return was far more than she expected or thought possible.

The little girl looked up at the full moon and a small smile appeared on her lips as she followed it, trying to get to it even though it was impossible.

Without looking around her surroundings, she made her way into the woods even though she knew that her parents forbade her from doing so during the night because of the rumors that floated around the small village. The rumors were shared in hushed voices and the people warned one another about the recent sighting of a wolf pack that would surely kill if given the chance.

The blonde girl was one that listened to her parents warnings, but she couldn’t seem to look away from the full moon. She felt a sudden tug in her chest and her little legs continued to move further into the woods.

Her jaw dropped slightly when she stopped near a river and she looked up at the shining moon with her bright blue eyes wide. The little girl was one of those people that loved nature and the thought of experiencing the darkness turning into light brought great joy to her.

Before the blonde could make a move to sit down, she heard the rustling of leaves and was brought out of her trance-like state. Her senses were on alert and she looked around and made out the shape of the trees.

Shutting her eyes, she forced herself to look harder and as her eyes opened, a gasp escaped her lips.

A majestic gray wolf stood before her and she backed away slowly as her hands began to tremble in fear, but stopped when she heard the sound of the rocks hitting the racing river below. She knew that if she was to move backwards one more step, she would fall into the river and most likely drown. The little girl was only six years old, but she was intelligent enough to know what death was.

“Please— please do not hurt— me.” She stammered as she held her hand out.

The gray wolf tilted his head in curiosity and he stepped forward, but as soon as he saw the expression on the little girl’s face, he backed away before he completely disappeared.

She let out a sigh of relief and she put her face in her hands before she began laughing nervously. As soon as the little girl stopped laughing, she made her way back to the village, but stopped in her footsteps when she heard a growl coming from behind her.

The girl turned around and she spotted the two wolves that stood in front of her, ready for attack. One of the wolves had brown fur while the other one had fur that was the color of the sunlight on a summer morning.

“Please…” She began, but couldn’t continue when the wolves lunged at her.  

The six year old wanted to cry out for help, but she knew that if the villagers back home would hear her, they would come into the woods and look for her which would ultimately lead to more deaths. Perhaps, her life for those that she considered family was worth it if it kept them safe.

As the little girl shut her eyes, she felt herself falling to the floor, but before she could feel those sharp teeth of theirs on her skin, she heard a loud growl and the feeling of the wolves approaching her vanished.

When she opened her eyes, she was alone and as she looked down at her shaking hands, she heard somebody whistle and she looked up with confusion.

As her vision cleared, she spotted a man that couldn’t be more than of twenty two years approaching her slowly.

“Are you lost, little dear?” He asked her in his accented voice.

The man was tall and he had a lean built. He had curly blonde hair and eyes that she couldn’t make out the color of.

She wanted to shake her head no, but she realized that she truly didn’t know where she was.

“Well then, allow me to walk you back.”

“I— there… There were…uh, wolves. I saw— I saw wolves.” She stuttered as she felt the lump beginning to form in her throat.

“Are you sure…?” He began, but stopped because he didn’t know her name.

“Caroline. My name is Caroline.” The blonde clarified as she slowly stood up because she was suddenly feeling dizzy.

“Caroline— that is a beautiful name.” He complimented her.

“Thank you,” she mumbled. “Do— do you have a name?”

“No,” he lied before he closed the space between them.

He outstretched his hand for her to take and as Caroline was looking down at his hand cautiously, he kneeled before and smiled at her reassuringly.

“I don’t bite.”

“But, but the wolves— they bite.” She realized.

He didn’t say anything and Caroline took his hand and he led her back to her village. They walked in a comfortable silence and as soon as they got to the border of the woods, he stopped walking and facing her.

“Uh…?” Caroline questioned as her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

His eyes changed into a golden color and Caroline was about to scream, but couldn’t because his hand was against her lips.

He shook his head as he kneeled before her one more time. His fangs elongated and Caroline’s eyes widened in fear. He leaned into her neck and she could feel his breath there. His lips trailed lower and his fangs pierced the skin just above her right breast and before Caroline could scream because of the pain, it was gone.

As he backed away from her, his eyes turned back to normal and she was frozen in place.

He looked right into her bright blue eyes and placed his hands on her shoulders.

“You are to forget this ever happened. When you wake up tomorrow morning, you will be tucked in your bed with no memory of what happened tonight meaning that you will not remember seeing me in my wolf form or my siblings in theirs. You will also forget the fact that I marked you. When you come of age, everything will slowly come back to you and then you will fulfill what you were put on this planet for, sweet Caroline.” He compelled her.

Caroline blinked once and the need for sleep overwhelmed her and she could feel herself falling, but was caught.

The next morning, she woke up in her bed with no memory of what happened the night before.

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Fanfics where Caroline was already Klaus' wife or girlfriend.

None except my oneshot Promises comes to mind with that sweetie.

Would anyone like to help this anon?


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Do you know any crossover fic that happens after baby hope is born?

None unfortunately.

Anyone out there knows of any?


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Hey, are there any badass Caroline fics? (:

Self Promo: Revenge

Two Lost Souls.

Other than that, I’ve never read. There’s not much stories where Caroline is the big evil or the badass vampire out there unfortuntately. I wish there was more.


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Do you know of any drabbles written for klaroweek so far

I’m reblogging them and tagging them #klaroweek. I’ll add a link to the drabbles page now!


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Link to love in London?



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Do you know any fics where Klaus and Caroline have baby girl. But if you recommend a fic that is compeleted, I would be very happy. Oh by the way, if you cant list more than one fics, I would really really appreaciate it. Thank you! x

Once In A Blue Moon ! 

- Alice

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I seriously need this fic like air and no one knows what it is. It's an AU Office fic. Klaus is Caroline's boss and at a holiday party she gets drunk and throws up on him. She then tries to avoid him after the holidays blah blah. Haley works there being her usual annoying self. The most significant part I can remember is when she throws up on him drunkenly. Help me find this. I'm begging. I love y'all. Thanks.

Oh dear I can’t seem to find the name of this fic! I’ve come across it before but I just can’t remember! Someone help us out?

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I have never read anything like that and I would LOVE to. Please, anyone help us!


I love you as certain dark things are to be loved

- Alice

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Can you find me the drabble where Caroline is a model and Klaus is a photographer? And he takes photographs of her again after like a one night stand forever ago.

Here you go! 

- Alice

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Cover request from loveyou914 for her fic, “The Bad One”
"The good one gives her love, but her memory burns for the bad one she can’t forget."


Cover request from loveyou914 for her fic, “The Bad One

"The good one gives her love, but her memory burns for the bad one she can’t forget."

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Drabble for Klaroweek Day #1, continuation of the 3x11 scene from Caroline’s POV.

What exactly are you supposed to do with a bracelet that you’re pretty sure cost like a couple grand, maybe even more considering who it had once belonged to and how he could so easily acquire anything that he wanted? Was this him trying to acquire her? Was that what was going on? She’d felt more than seen him touch the bracelet that had been on her wrist, little trinkets dangling from it, pieces of the girl she’d been, of the relationships she’d formed. Felt it because her vision had steadily become blurrier with each passing moment, her hearing spiking, picking up on too many things as the hallucinations had wanted to truly take hold of her.

Part of her was convinced she’d dreamt half of what had happened the night before. That obviously the gentle hand on the back of her head, the soft spoken words about beauty and the world and everything she longed for had been her own imagination running wild. But then there had been the box on her nightstand, wrapped up with a simple ribbon and what the hell was she supposed to do with that? With the gorgeous bracelet that was locked up inside.

Obviously she couldn’t wear it! Tyler would know that he hadn’t given it to her and all of her friends would probably worry even more for her to be accepting such extravagant gifts from Tyler who was supposed to be her ex considering everything with the sire bond. And shouldn’t the fact he’d bitten her last night on her birthday only hammer that notion into her head?

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Drabble #2, alternate way of a first meeting. Also AU. And all human. Also my first all human. Wow.

The downtown, overly priced, exotic lounge was not somewhere that Caroline would usually end up at. She preferred the bar a few blocks down, the one that all the college students—like her—went to. Where a game was on the television and the environment was rowdy, a mix of yells over whatever was happening on the screen and conversation that ranged from someone trying to pick up someone else to how horrible one class or teacher was. That was her element, it reminded her of home, of the Mystic Grill and late night study sessions with her friends. It was in fact where all of her friends went to unwind and that fact was precisely why she wasn’t about to go there.

Recent break up with Tyler aside, if she had to watch Elena make out with Damon one more time or Stefan and her new roommate skirt around their attraction one more time she was going to scream. She had needed something new, something different where she didn’t feel like the fifth wheel in their little group.

Not that sitting at the bar in the new place was turning out to be all that great either. The pick up lines were atrocious, the apparent money in these men and women’s pockets inflating their egos and belief that they could so easily get into her pants to a ridiculous degree. Even the bartender was rolling his eyes at the amount of attempts.

“Can’t a girl just get a drink in peace?” she muttered, popping the olive into her mouth and swirling the toothpick around in her glass.

“Not in that number,” the bartender pointed out, glancing up from polishing a glass and giving her a quick lookover.

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Klaroweek Day 1: AU Meeting


Katherine Pierce heard her cell phone go off and she answered it quickly and without much thought because she didn’t have much time left before she had to get the photoshoot underway.

“What?” She questioned as she shifted from one foot to the other annoyed.

“Miss. Pierce… It’s Alexandra Nomoff’s agent and I’m afraid she won’t be able to make it to the photoshoot today.” A man told her.

“She better fucking make it here within the next ten minutes or her modeling career will be over.” Katherine spat, her voice laced with anger.

“Miss. Pierce… You don’t seem to understand… Alexandra has some personal business that she must attend to which is why she can’t make it.”

“I understand perfectly.” Katherine huffed as she rolled her eyes. “Do notify her that her modeling career with my agency is over.” The curly-haired brunette added before she hung up on the man.

Once Katherine’s phone was away, she looked down at the floor and inhaled a sharp breath before she called for her assistant, Bonnie Bennett.

“Miss. Pierce?” Bonnie questioned as she walked over to her quickly.

“Find me a model.” Katherine ordered without so much of a greeting.

“I beg your pardon?” Bonnie whispered even though her boss scared the living shit out of her and she feared for her job.

“You heard me, Banu… Find me a fucking model right now. This photoshoot is happening and I need both a male model and a female model. Thankfully, I already have a male model. Now, do what I hired you to do. Find me a model.” Katherine ordered before she flipped her hair to the side and turned on her heel, leaving the brunette confused.

Bonnie was brought out of her reverie when she heard Katherine shout at one of the camera men and she quickly looked around the studio.

Her eyes landed on her best friend and she made her way over to her. Bonnie tapped on her shoulder and the blonde turned around.

“Bon? What’s going on?” Caroline wondered as she looked up at the lights because she was one of the crew members that was in charge of it.

“I need you to do me a favor…” Bonnie told her as she bit down on her bottom lip nervously.

“Uh, okay… What is it that you need me to do?”

“I need you to model for today’s photoshoot.” The brunette immediately told her.

Caroline burst out laughing and she looked over at Bonnie while she was shaking her head.

“Good one, Bon.” Caroline admitted before she walked away from her.

“Caroline, I’m serious!” Bonnie cried out. “If I don’t find a model within the next five minutes, I’m going to lose this job and you know how much I need the money.”

“But I have zero modeling experience!” The blonde cried out as she turned on her heel and faced her best friend.

“Caroline, please.” Bonnie begged because she was her last chance.

“Bon…” Caroline started.

“I’ll do your laundry for the next month! Just please do this one thing for me.” Bonnie said to her best friend and roommate.

“Fine,” Caroline sighed heavily before she grabbed Bonnie’s hand.

Twenty minutes later, Bonnie led Caroline to where the photoshoot was going to take place and the blonde stopped in her footsteps when she spotted Niklaus Mikaelson. Niklaus Mikaeslon was one of the hottest male models and he happened to be from England.

“I’m posing with him?” Caroline questioned as she looked over at Bonnie with her bright blue eyes wide.

“Yep!” Bonnie replied before she gave helped her remove the mint green robe that matched the lingerie set.

Caroline was going to be posing as a lingerie model with Klaus who was going to be posing as a mens underwear model.

“Bon, I can’t do this!” The blonde cried out as she covered her midsection with her arms.

“Too late, Care.” Bonnie shrugged before she gave her a shove.

Caroline shut her eyes before she made her way over to the British model and she could feel the eyes of the crew on her back. Once she got next to him, he looked her over and she could feel a blush creeping onto her cheeks.

“You aren’t Alexandra, love.” Klaus mumbled as he licked his lips lustfully.

“You’re— right,” she choked out.

“So who are you?” The handsome Brit wondered as he pressed his front against her back.

Caroline yelped and the people around her looked over at her with confusion in their eyes and Klaus chuckled as he shook his head.

“Do— don’t do that.” Caroline ordered, keeping her eyes on the wall that was in front of her.

“I’m going to kind of have to considering that this photoshoot is basically showing the clothing to wear while being somewhat intimate.”

“Just keep your— junk, uh, to yourself.”

“You’re adorable,” Klaus complimented before Katherine shouted for them to pose.

As they were posing, Klaus leaned over to her and she could feel his breath there.

“You still haven’t told me your name.” He reminded her as his hand found her side.

“Ca— Caroline.” She replied.

“Caaaaroline,” he emphasized seductively, his smirk never leaving his lips.


Happy Klaroweek!

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Klaroweek Day 1- The Beginning

The sound of the door roused her from her half-sleep. The pain was getting worse and she was so dizzy now, she imagined it wouldn’t be long before she couldn’t wake up again. She opened her eyes slowly, the room seeming to spin for a moment before it came into focus. Before he came into focus.

What is he doing here? she thought in a panic, her mind telling her to run as fast as she could, though her body wouldn’t listen. “Are you going to kill me?” she asked, her voice raw with worry.

“On your birthday?” he asked almost incredulously, as if her dying wasn’t his fault in the first place. “You really think that low of me?”

Caroline stared hard at him for a few moments before answering, “Yes.” If I’m gonna go out, it may as well be with a bang, she mused.

He exhaled slowly at her answer, as if calming himself from her harsh words. Klaus made his way to her bedside, gingerly pulling back her blanket and exposing the festering bite wound on her shoulder. Caroline shivered even though he never touched her skin.

“That looks bad,” he breathed, as if he actually cared. “My apologies, you’re what’s known as collateral damage, it’s nothing personal,” he continued.

Is that supposed to make me feel better? she mentally scoffed. The blonde looked up at him with pained eyes, it hurt to breathe now.

He continued to stare at her for a few more moments in silence, as if he was trying to figure out a puzzle, before he reached out and flicked the charm bracelet on her arm that Tyler had given her. Before he had sentenced her to death, of course. She suddenly felt awkward wearing it.

“I love birthdays,” he said in his low, husky voice.

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