Fics with a pregnant Caroline

Life’s Unexpected Surprise by MarsterRoo

A spell gone wrong, a cheating boyfriend, and a one night stand that changes everything. Can they over come their differences and find happiness together as a family, or will the threats that lie beneath the surface destroy everything? Follows the show through 4x08 than AU. [Rated M]

Oh What A Night by Gottabeelove

Caroline tapped her leg nervously as she waited for the timer to finish. Her life, her baby-free life, flashed before her eyes before the ding of the timer interrupted her thoughts. Elena’s eyes inquired as Caroline slowly made her way over to the counter to see what her fate held. “Damon will never stop making bun in the oven jokes, will he?” AU-H Klaroline [Rated M]

Only Human by peaceful village

Caroline is only human, so she does dumb things sometimes. Like sleeping with the enemy, accidentally sending herself to the past, and then coming back with something unexpected. How is she going to explain this one? [Rated T]

lay all your love on me by

“You know what you should do? Get over that ‘I-have-to-have-feelings-for-the-men-I-sleep-with’ crap. Go to some random bar, flirt with some good looking guy and get laid. Casual, recreational, no strings attached.” Damon said. Caroline should have known better than to listen. AU/AH [Rated T]

There’s something warm about the rain by clangwee

Both running away from their pasts, they found each other like two strangers seeking refuge amid the heavy downpour. AU/Series [Rated T]

Just Give Me A Reason by RadientWings

Klaus. Caroline. Sparks fly. After one passionate night, they thought they would never see each other again… Five months later, Klaus gets an unexpected surprise when he runs into Caroline - a very pregnant Caroline. Klaroline. AU. All human. (HIATUS until July 23, 2013 - Will be traveling without internet!) [Rated T]

An Uncalled For Surprise by klaroline-heaven

Elijah has a bachelor party at a bar two days before his wedding and while at the bar Klaus meets a girl named Caroline. They both eventually get drunk… One thing leads to another and then a month later Caroline finds out she’s pregnant. Klaus is supposed to marry Tatia in a month so what happens when he finds out that a woman is expecting his child and that woman isn’t Tatia? [Rated M]

Bound By Blood by TheDuchessofFiction

Blood has the strongest magic of all, it can create because it destroys. It ties everything in life together. Nature always calls for balance. Some people call it Karma. Others call it God’s wrath. We call it magic. For every reward, there is sacrifice. For every birth, death. For every beginning, an end. Who knew one bite could lead to all this? [Rated M]

Maybe Baby by the little harlequin

High School AU/AH. She’s the head cheerleader, with a wide circle of friends and a 4.0 grade average. He’s the school’s social outcast, a loner with a passion for art. She’s pregnant. He’s the father. [Rated T]

Sympathyfor the Devil by TwistedType

Caroline wasn’t turned into a vampire by Katerina. Unfortunately that did not keep her out of vampire affairs. Klaus has plans for her. Big ones. — Starts 2x22. AU. Caroline x Klaus. Warning: Dark! Klaus. Non-Con. Slight Stefan x Caroline x Klaus. [Rated M]

On The Run by MarsterRoo

What do you do when you make a 1000 year old original hybrid mad? Not to mention your ex history teacher turned hunter thinks you’re the key to bringing said hybrid to his knees. You run and that is exactly what Caroline intends to do. She just didn’t expect him to be so persistant or that extra little added surprise. [Rated M]

Because I Love You by Psyc0gurl0

Klaroline! After leaving 6 years ago Klaus comes back to his hometown where he left the girl he loves behind. He comes home for his brother’s wedding to find that the love of his life has a child that looks suspiciously like him. Can Klaus win back the girl he loves and become a father to the boy he never knew? Or will he leave again? All-human. [Rated M]

Needing A Queen and Heir by Klaus-Caroline-Addict

Instead of Klaus getting Haley pregnant, it’s Caroline Carrying his Heir. (Klaus never slept with Haley) [Rated T]

Electric Feel by CC88

She is carrying the child of a man she doesn’t understand. A man that destroys everything he touches. He scares her but she wants him anyway. She can’t leave but she doesn’t want to stay. She is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. She can’t explain it. He’s just electric. [Rated M]

Humanitate Eius Apicem by KlarolineShippers

She’s tried at least 20 pregnancy tests and they all say the same thing, she’s in panic mode, not only because of the fact that after only a month of being human she gets herself pregnant, but the fact that a simple goodbye kiss lead to this, how will she manage to tell an Original hybrid that he’s about to be a father, how is he going to react? [Rated M]

Strange & Beautiful by sheraasp

What do you want from me?” she says faintly.”What I have always wanted but been too afraid to ask ” Love me Caroline…Love me… Caroline takes a chance with Klaus. They embark on a journey to New Orleans. Caroline discovers more about herself and her love for Klaus. AU at 4X19 (AU). [Rated M]

A Journey to Love by mysticgirl125

Amidst the unsuccessful search for the cure and difficult relationships, an unexpected event occurs. What happens when Bonnie’s powerful magic gets out of hand and a spell goes wrong sending Stefan and Caroline back in time a thousand years. Starts after 4x12. Main couples: Klaroline & Stebekah. [Rated M]